Scooter slogans

One of the first things you notice when you go to Taiwan for the first time is the billions of scooters parked on top of each other at each corner. Then comes the scooter slogans…

Who on earth makes these Scooter slogans?
Stuff like… “Jog is fascinating to you”.

What are the ‘best’ slogans you have seen?

And if someone has an answer why companies like Yamaha and Sym can’t spend a few hundred NT on some proofreading, that would be good reading too

Wedding albums got the same thing happening, so if anyone has good wedding album… sloganthingies… throw em up on the board.

On the ‘Sniper’: “We reach for the sky. Neither does civilization”.

Anyway, just look here:


This isn’t related to scooters or slogans, but yesterday I was channel surfing and came across the opening title for the movie “Bloodsport” with Jean-Claude van Damme, which was translated as “Xie Dian” in Chinese. Obviously the translator had misread the English title as being “Blood Spot” (which sounds more like a Judy Blume after-school television special than a martial arts thriller!) :mrgreen:

I saw a t-shirt on a red-haired scooter punk yesterday that had a photo of a baby and the caption: “how many babies were raped yesterday. How many asked for it.”

There’s a large compilation of scooter English at

Years ago I saw a couple of red and white scooters (I cannot remember which model, brand etc) with the slogan:

The best motor for spanking

That one still takes the cake for me!!

Does anyone wonder why so many Chinese titles involve the words “Qi bing”? It’s because when “Raiders of the Lost Ark” came out the translators misread “raiders” as “riders”, so the title was made “Fa Gui Qi Bing” (“Ark Cavalry”) in Chinese, so in all of the years since we’ve been stuck with that phrase. :blush:

Feel the power of riding…I crack up everytime I see that one!

This is a something I saw on a T-shirt one evening. I was riding my scooter and I saw some English writing on the back of the girl in front of me. I sped up so I could see it, and it said “Speak English or Die!” so of course, I couldn’t resist. When her boyfriend, who was driving, stopped at the next red light, I pulled up beside them to ask them “Hey, do you speak English?” Puzzled, nervous looks were the only reply. I switched to Chinese and explained the meaning of the T-shirt, giving them a good laugh. To this day I’m still looking for one of those shirts, so I can wear it to my English classes.

On a young Taiwanese girl’s shirt on the MRT:


Underneath this was a picture of some kind of merengue pie.

I saw a woman in Pingdung wearing a t-shirt that read on the front: “Sex, the most fun you can have in an hour.” And then on the back, “Let’s do it again.”

When my wife and I were looking at wedding studios we were shown sample albums replete with cheesy love poems and song lyrics. What took the cake though was the one picture inscribed, “How can I tell him about you?” The words came from a song, popular at the time, about a girl who finds herself married but still in love with her old boyfriend!

Actually, they had another album of a foreigner and Taiwanese girl’s wedding pictures. Nice shot of both their bare asses as they scampered down the beach (no joke). The funniest though was the frontal shot of the guy unbuttoning his tuxedo pants. Something to show the kids later. “Look, this is where you guys came from.”

Scooter slogans that tickled me:
“Shuttle in The City Jengle, New Speedy Snail Clan”

(and “Jengle” is not a typo, also:

“Man Boy 50 - Just Be Natural” (the NAMBLA ride of choice?)

I was at the Taipei main station MRT platform and a saw a middle-aged women wearing a button-down blouse that was decorated with a repeating pattern- the word “F*CK” over and over (no asterisk of course)

One of my female Taiwanese friends told me she really likes riding on a dink. I fell over laughing. I asked her if the dink was big or small, she proudly stated “I like riding big dinks.” it was too much. Dink is the name for a Yamaha, scooter but in English it’s slang for penis…What other funny scooter names are there?

Follow Wind , that is pretty funny to me, (but not in chinese, i guess)

back in haikou i used to see “fart” motorbikes often.

[quote=“dangrmous”]Scooter slogans that tickled me:
“Shuttle in The City Jengle, New Speedy Snail Clan”[/quote]

about five years ago there used to be a lot of big advert posters in bike shops here in Tai-chung for those bikes and the slogan read:

“a new breed of speedy snails for your highway happy”


Noticed the top ten action in the “Arts & Culture” thread and thought it might be fun to start something up here. We’ve all seen them. We all puzzled over them. What’s your favorite?


“Duke: The Super Citizen Scooter” :sunglasses:

Feel free to add yours.


Jog the friendly scooter on earth

  • Smooth with sensitive feeling.
  • Hot! Let you never forget.
  • You got to feel the happiness of riding.
  • The better than best scooter from Kymco.


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