SE Asian dating a local guy

OMG as someone said more red flags than in China. YUP good choice to dump him.
he is not into you as a one and only, you are just a convenience for him for now. Hope you find someone who appreciates you for you.

btw, try not to use too many “Tbh idk and now idc anymore.” as we old farts have to kinda think a little to decifer :slight_smile:

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lol and you complain about him being intd in other girls :slight_smile:

tbh (using your lexicon) you are both too young to commit to each other. Just ride him like he rides you and keep looking for other horses.

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Good to remember it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the Fight in the dog that counts

Relax this is a Hard comedy club this forum
Keep your posts coming
Can’t wait

Would you mind sharing more of your background
curious cat wants to know

Brit educated Singaporean ?

On another comment you said hard comedy club, yet you can’t tell this is a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I got the same impression, which is why it will not work.

You spelled delusion wrong.

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Lol I’m not that crass. As much as I want to say this sort of stuff I know how much it hurts. He told me one time he likes girls with long legs and big boobs but its okay because I have a cute face? I’m still picking myself up from that and other insensitive comments he’d made.


You are head and shoulders above this guy in intelligence, kindness and especially class.

You’re correct. Don’t bring yourself down to his level.

You can and will do better. Best wishes.


4, 8, 9, 10 might be a Taiwan thing, the rest are just him.

He sounds like a poor choice why did you stick with him so long ?

Nothing better on the horizon Any port in a storm kinda thing?

Wow, @TaipeiXiaojie !
I have nothing to add except that you deserve someone better.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We hear so much from guys perspectives around here that’s refreshing to hear from the ladies too!


Having a high libido can be such a drag. We should get some coffee and I’ll share some tips on how I cope with my own extra high libido.


Ah yes I remember when I was a teenager.

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Lulz the word cringe is one of my triggers.

Guys, please be respectful and stop hitting on the OP. It looks like this is the last thing she’s wanting right now.