Sell and buy controlled items

Is it ok to sell and buy controlled items on forum?

What controlled items?

Drugs, firearms, etc.

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Organik festival this weekend. Peeps be needin’ dem mushrooms.


What do you got?

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perhaps this upcoming ‘server upgrade’ is in preparation for a “Silk Road” 2.0?? :thinking::thinking:

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and alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Controls on those (last 2) seem pretty lax.

The proletariat need to be allowed their vices.

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Not for indigenous Taiwanese…straight to jail for home growing tobacco.

That’s weird… at least when it comes to alcohol production they’re exempted of paying taxes and even probably having to have licenses and / or pass some controls…

I think selling or advertising selling tobacco online is a violation of Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act

It might also be a violation of The Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act.
Article 46

Yeah this is pretty clear

Article 9

The promotion or advertising of tobacco products shall not employ the following methods:
(1) Advertising through radio, television, film, video, electronic signal, internet, newspaper, magazine, billboard, poster, leaflet, notification, announcement, reference manual, sample, posting, display, or through any other written, illustrated form, item or digital recording device.

So, what’s Forumosa policy on that?
If it’s legal, one can sell it here (even if it’s controlled items)?

What’s the difference between controlled and illegal

I find it amusingly incredible that you make these questions. On the one hand you have goods, products, items that are considered illegal, which means that they are illegal, while on the other hand you have goods, products, produce… items that are controlled.

If they’re not illegal, how are they controlled

Because they are controlled.