Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's running for president in 2020


Bernie’s back! I’m genuinely curious to see how this turns out. Would’ve rather seen him than Hillary run in 2016.





Dude, nobody’s advocating for that.


Maybe people tire of career politicians eventually . That said , Bernie would have been a more popular choice ,with hindsight, last time .
Criticize …but that rule does not apply to us …sigh


This video did not even give him a chance to respond or denounce the violence. It cuts off right at the end of the question. If he was a hypocrite, they would’ve let him put his foot in his mouth with an actual reply. Fake news.


Bernie is not approved by the establishment, he’s there to drum up excitement in the progressive wing and when the time is right he will fold like a cheap deck chair, just like last time if not sooner.


He replied. Criticized Trump supporter violence , then said in reply to his own supporter actions…"I can’t be held responsible for every supporter " . It’s CNN …can’t be fake surely?


I’m more talking about the video itself that just simply cuts off before he can have a chance to reply to let people “fill in the blanks”. I know there is a reply. But when people peddle adulterated videos to support their point, that’s not honest.


Can you hear yourself? Jenda? :grin:


Oh wait, nope. I don’t know why it just ended at the 30 second mark for me. You’re right, there is a reply there. Sorry. Yeah. It does sound kinda hypocritical.


China does a better job at convincing me a People’s democratic dictatorship is not the same as a dictatorship than democratic socialism not being the same as socialism.



Bernie was the best , chance wise , of the Dems. I think he will pick up a lot of sympathy votes , as he was treated so badly. I wonder if AOC will align with him ?


Democratic Socialism doesn’t attempt to convince you it’s not Socialism. It is Socialism. They’re making no attempt at hiding the Socialism part. It’s just an attempt at Socialism with Western-style Democracy built in.

I don’t agree with Democratic Socialism. But I know it’s not the kind that you have to shoot your way out of.


Said every socialist.

Bernie supported Castro, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and is pretty fond of the Soviet Union. I’m sure he will be the one to get it right this time. Oh the hubris


But like I’ve said before. This isn’t necessarily what I support or my opinion on the matter. All I know is that the ideas he’s proposing and have proposed have nothing to do with Democratic Socialism because Democratic Socialism primarily advocates for the entire economy to be upheaved and replaced with a command economy of public ownership. I don’t recall him ever advocating for that.



So Bernie doesn’t even understand democratic socialism…


Cue the doomsayers. America will be burn in a flame of socialism. How can America afford free tuition? No other country has ever achieved that. He will usher in an age of dictatorship infringing on every possible right.


That doesn’t even make sense. His previous run did at least as much harm as it did good for the party.