Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's running for president in 2020


Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Bernie Sanders and AOC.


That’s exactly what I’m saying.


He has stated countless times that he supports something along the lines of Nordic model. Call that whatever you want, he calls it democratic socialism. I don’t necessarily agree with all he says but it’s not even close to communism.


There’s no danger of this happening, as he won’t be elected.


Right. Outside of the US, it’s called Social Democracy. The Nordic Model is Social Democratic.

Even the Wikipedia article says


Their countries have different needs and culture. How much do they spend on defense? Nordic countries had good school systems even before their current model, there is no reason for me to believe the US will be better throwing more money at it. They also gravitate towards STEM fields in schools. A highly homogeneous population seems to help.


I agree with every single point you made but when did the American patriots become defeatists? there has to be a way to give people a fair shot at becoming successful irrespective of their parents’ shortcomings. If the school system is completely broken then build it from scratch, I do not believe it’s impossible to achieve.
I think more than a homogeneous people you need people to respect each other and believe in their society. Homogeneity helps with feeling part of the whole but there are also many examples of failed homogeneous societies. There are many many things wrong with Canada but I think they were more successful than any one else in creating a solid multi-cultural society.
IMO the main thing creating a wedge in the society is overzealous identity politics. The rights over reaction to the left doesn’t help either. I think everyone just needs to chill a bit, there’s too much hyperbole going around.


The rights reaction? Have you not been watching the news, social media, etc? It was the lefts reaction that turned me away after 2016. I supported mostly democrats although I wouldn’t call myself a democrat. I don’t call myself a republican either now so. I was socially more liberal, fiscally still a bit on the conservative side.

Watching the left react made me realize how delusional they are. Suddenly a MAGA cap is now the white hood, suddenly it’s racist to enforce the laws of the land and follow immigration laws, suddenly you’re sexist for having a penis, suddenly youre racist for being white. Pushing back what’s clearly wrong is not over reacting. Not to mention the moral depravity of the left they keep normalizing.



I cannot watch it right now, but on a scale between 1 and 10 how much should i expect this to trigger me?


It’s not too ridiculous. But he seems to ignore people starving and not having freedom of artistic expression praising the palaces and nice chandeliers in the subway while making propaganda art a job forced on kids as a wonderful thing. They looks so happy there. No hobbies just their job for the state.


Sanders honeymooned in Soviet Russia in 1988. Here he is bro-singing while three sheets to the wind. I’m sure Bernie shed a few tears when the USSR eventually went away.

He is what he is: a commie.


Here he is on about Cuba and defending Castro. Also apparently Ortega and the Sandinistas just have a PR problem.




Democrats aren’t on the left. They are to the left of Republicans, generally speaking (though that’s really splitting hairs), but on any representative political spectrum they are center-right at best. It’s a category mistake to conflate Democrats with the left.


Not all Democrats are on the left, but all the left are Democrats…well most of them anyway. Can’t forget the Communist Party, Green Party, anarchists, etc.


All the left are not Democrats. That’s why Hillary, the epitome of an establishment capital-D Democrat, lost.

Communist Party, sure. Anarchists, sometimes. I’ve never encountered anyone who supported the Green Party that wasn’t just a libertarian, though.


They are the american left. It;s like you saying Rep are liberals, which they are by definition. What’s your point of using a different definition understood by current American politics?


I’m not sure how many Americans care about what the rest of the world describes as “left,” frankly. We march to the beat of our own drummer when it comes to politics.

For most of us Americans, if it’s a dDemocrat it’s as left as we would ever want to find ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, we have our share of knuckleheads on the left, and like Sanders, AOC, and the rest of the DSA they’d love to set it up so all Americans live in Soviet Russia. Thankfully most Democrats are still sane, however.

I think.


I get the whole uniparty thing, but the Democratic Party is still where the majority of the left resides. I mean, what are they going to do? Vote Republican?