Setting CHT zyxel p880 to bridge mode

Anyone have tips or instructions on doing this? I would like to use the p880 in bridge mode with my google wifi (want to avoid the double NAT issue):

I tried logging in using cht and p880+(last 4 of MAC), going to quick setup and switching to bridge mode and disabling DHCP.

after doing so, i ran a cable from one of the LAN ports to a switch. i ran cables from the switch - one to the MOD box, one to my laptop and one to the google wifi puck. i can only manage to get a signal for the MOD box, but no internet on the other cables. i’m not too tech savvy, so wondering if i am missing something.

Does the switch have DHCP on?
Might have to configure the switch to know which LAN Port it can get the internet from.

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You need to initiate a PPPoE connection on the Google WiFi box.

To do this, you need to have your ISP username and password. You should be able to get them by saving the ISP router’s configuration to text file, then opening the text file in notepad.

Edit: Related thread:

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Just remembered I did that a few years back.
Yes, dump the router config and the credentials should be there for PPPoE.

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