So tell us about it: Is sex your all-consuming obsession, a bit of alright, a sticky but pleasant form of recreation, something you do just because it’s there, a waste of three minutes, a pain in the arse, grossly over-hyped, or what?

Sex is…errr…sex. Am I too old to answer this question :shock:?

Twelve seconds of squishing sounds.

Does “rubbing one out” count?

All of the above. It’s different every time.

I really hate condoms.
My 2 cents.

Dangerous statement.

No, THIS is a dangerous statement.
I’d rather have a nice handjob than have sexual intercourse wearing a condom any day of the week.

Scratch that - it’s not dangerous at all. :slight_smile:

You should try some more lube.

I do it cuz I am horny…good answer, right?!

I used to have sex-once upon a time a long time ago on a world far, far away.
Ha: my 34 year old daughter says it grosses her out to think about the fact that her parents have sex.

Poor Omni.
Now that he’s a one-trick pony he is wistful for the days of cute babes he met at the bookstore…the one at the bar with the great legs…the one he met on the Internet…the married woman…
Oh, how nice to eat baloney sandwiches every day for the rest of your life… :wink:

“This image is niiiice.” Discuss.

WARNING: clicking on the link below will take you to an image containing two naked women. Do not click if you are easily offended by images of female nudity


(thanks stevieboy!)

Eww! Enough of the gross flabby tits Spack. If I really was a nasty censorial moderator, that wpuld be gone just like that.


Dangerous statement.[/quote]

The statement is not dangerous . . . it is only context that would make it dangerous. I really hate condoms too and often have sex with my wife without them. When I wasn’t married, I also hated condoms . . . but I used them as I hated the idea of STDs or unwanted pregnancies more.

See . . . no danger. :moo:

…gross flabby tits?
Well, we certainly have a difference of opinion there. :slight_smile:

I have edited the post to warn people that the image contains nudity. That’s fair, isn’t it? I had already put a NSFW gif next to the link.

Besides, the topic we are discussing here is sex. I thought the image might be a nice starting point for people to discuss what body-types they found appealing and whether or not girl-on-girl does anything for them.

I am not a breast man personally and girl-on-girl leaves me cold. I like legs, a slim waist and long hair. Flat chests don’t cut it for this penguin, but neither am I fan of the supercurvy Pam Anderson types.

Just curious here. Would you censor the image because it contains bare naked breasts or because you thought the breats were gross?

On most days, a resounding Yes!

[quote=“Omniloquacious”]a bit of alright, [/quote] Yes.


[quote=“Omniloquacious”]something you do just because it’s there,[/quote] If it’s there, why not do it? (Wait, I’m just checking with my other half if it’s OK to write this … OK!)

[quote=“Omniloquacious”]a waste of three minutes[/quote] It’s never a waste. Some times are better than others but it’s never a waste of any amount of time.

[quote=“Omniloquacious”]a pain in the arse[/quote] I think Quiet Mountain, Little Buddha and others discussed this in another thread. It’s not like that for me.

[quote=“Omniloquacious”]grossly over-hyped[/quote] No, no, no, a thousand times, no!


“A day without sex is a day wasted.”

100 guanxi to the first person who identifies the celebrity who uttered that pearl of wisdom.

I thought the cursor-tracking breast pic was cool. I sent it to my mother.
Censor it? Of course not, but it would need a warning, which it now has.
Spack spoke:

Yeah, right…your flat-chested girl looking over your shoulder as you write? :wink:

[quote=“mod lang”]“A day without sex is a day wasted.”

100 guanxi to the first person who identifies the celebrity who uttered that pearl of wisdom.[/quote]

It could have been me, but it wasn’t. So perhaps it was some lesser celebrity like William DaFoe, playing the role of John Carpenter in Auto Focus.