Why don’t you guys get mad?

I read about girls hitting their boyfriends and people laugh about it. If it was a guy hitting a girl the cops would know about it.

My school had a meeting and they ONLY informed the guys to be careful when taking care of young girls. Women abuse too!?

Girls always get discounts…ok, I understand that some guys don’t mind girls getting in for free because then they get drunk and are easier to pick up (gross) but still, it is sexist.

Men are always belittled and made into stereotypes in ads etc, but nobody complains about it.

I just want to know if it bugs some of you or if you just don’t care.

It bugs me - but what women deal with every day or every minute has got to be more oppressive.

If I ever see it, he’ll have one coming to him.

I find it to be troublesome. Abuse is abuse. it is not dependent on the gender of the abuser. I find it to be sad that men are willing to accept abuse from women. A woman who abuses is just as sick as a man who does.

As far as the girls getting discounts, this is usually done because men only have interest in a club full of women. Women don’t much care. It is better for business to have a club with more men than women. Sexist, yes. But a good business practice, none the less.

but that is what makes me mad…women only scream sexism when it doesn’t suit them.
Know what I mean?

Yup, thanks to Jeffrey Mendesh?! from ICRT I wont be seen dead on a bicycle. He had this thing about Giant bicycles and then mentioned something like ‘who doesnt like to see a girl on a bicycle’. What a dork…taking something as innocent as riding a bike and making it uncomfortable.

but still…sure girls have to deal with a lot of sexist remarks…but so do men, and I never see them complaining. Just wondering why.

You mean like the inability to walk down the street without some asshole catcalling, whistling, or otherwise disrespecting? Or do you mean the exclusion of certain activities and discussions because they are “a man’s” activities. Or do you mean the common assumption that a good looking woman is not intelligent (I even had a professor tell me this once and was surprised that I was offended).
Perhaps you mean the fact that we make less money for the same amount of work. And are even, in many cases, less likely to get a job we are equally qualified for.
And maybe you mean that in places like Taiwan are looks are constantly up for discussion such as yesterday when the man I had never met on the MRT made comments about my acne. Which didn’t surprise me because I have become so accustomed to this.

If any of this is what you mean, I agree.

It bothers me about the types of stereotypes I see advertised around, but it doesn’t mean much in the long run.

When I grew up, you had Alan Alda on MASH, John Ritter on 3’s Company and Bill Cosby as male role models on TV; in the movies you had Dirty Harry, Charles Bronson, Freddy Kruger; and on MTV, David Lee Roth.

There are many ways for men to be “men.” Geeks can end up making buttloads of money; a good hunter/fisherman can offset his being unemployed; the ugly can be funny…all are acceptable male personas.

And, all those buff magazine guys are sisboy flamers anyway. :raspberry: :wink:

Honestly though, it bothers me to see sexist stereotypes, but it doesn’t affect me much. I’m fairly confident about who I am and don’t feel much need to emulate anyone else, nor am I effected by propaganda about what or who I SHOULD be. I mean, geez, I’m nearly 40. It shouldn’t!

I hope I am teaching my son that it needn’t affect him either.

Oh my…women have been much meaner when it comes to looks (in my experience). Especially at my school…the co-teachers always make fun of each other…and in our school brochure this teacher was even made thinner by shrinking her face with photoshop…Insane!!!

Once I was on a bus in Taishan (when I still had a shaved head) and this old lady walked up to me and touched my breasts. She then turned around and announced to her friend that I was, indeed, a girl. Ghmf.

Advertising doesn’t get under my skin. Part of being a man is being able to recognize such nonsense for what it is, and shrug it off.

What I do find worrisome is the double standard where violence is concerned. It is a well documented fact that many men who are victims of domestic violence don’t report it because of the stigmatization.

A perfect example was reported in the Toronto newspapers a few years ago. A woman was groping men on a downtown street. When the men reported it to the police, the police just laughed.

Perfect example #2: A teenage boy working in a gas station was fondled by a female customer. The media had a field day with it until it was revealed the “female” was actually a man in drag. Then, of course, the media did a complete about face.

I whole-heartedly believe in equal opportunities for women. If a woman wants to punch me, she’s welcome to. But don’t complain when I return the favour.

Battery9. I feel that one of the most angering parts of the culture here is the extent to which women here enforce female oppression. So I am not going to argue with you that women are just as bad about women’s looks. But I feel that the reason they are like that is that they are reenforcing the oppressive ideals that a woman’s job is to be skinny, pretty, stupid, and pop out babies.
My (now ex) roommate has told me numerous times that I need to pretend to be stupid. And the girls at my spa have also made comments about me reading too much. Saying that a girl shouldn’t be too smart because it is easier to find a man they are less intelligent than if they aren’t too smart. I asked them why they needed a man they were less intelligent than and they could not explain it to me. Not a language barrier, I don’t think. I just think they didn’t really know why. They just said “it makes things easier” and could not elaborate.
I feel that a MAJOR cause of the oppresiveness in this country is the women’s attitudes of not only allowing it, but encouraging it.

I feel like a VICTIM! I’m being EXPLOITED and SHAT UPON from a great height. Wait a minute, the kettle’s boiling. I’m having a cheese sandwich.

Boiled cheese? Scottish quizine…

Are you feeling DIRTY?

YES! YES! I feel DIRTY and ASHAMED! I want counselling. I want a government commission to look into this. I want CLOSURE, dammit! My WELLNESS is being IMPINGED upon! I want a rosemary and sheep manure body scrub!

Boiled cheese? Typical bloody woman. Never heard of multi-tasking.

And I never know if someone loves me for my brilliant mind or my fabulous ass. Oh well, no biggie.

What drives me insane is that there are three teachers at my school who use the line “Are you a girl?” whenever they see a boy crying. Not only is it saying that a boy is not allowed to cry, but it is basically insulting to the girls who don’t even seem to be crying at the time. In fact, in terms of crying, the boys and girls seem to be taking part in that blessed activity just about equally. So, WTF?

Two of those teachers have also started badgering the boys whenever they wear pink. There is one boy who is often dressed in pink, and the teachers never fail to tease him about it. They do it to such and extent that the other kids are now calling the boy in question “Pinky”.

Plus, there is that movie about the guy who tries not to have sex as part of a bet, and then basically gets raped by a woman at the end of it. She climbs on top of him while he’s sleeping, and has sex with him while he actually wants another woman, and against his wishes. And it’s supposed to be funny.

Is it because men are not from a “previously disadvantaged” (hehe) community that they don’t feel these insults so keenly? I’ve also always wondered why they do not feel offended, or if they do, why they don’t speak up about it.

Because whining is not a manly thing to do.

I suspect they’re right. From what I’ve seen of many guys here - and particularly rich guys (good catches), they wouldn’t be too happy about being outsmarted (or even equismarted) by their woman. They like 'em dumb.

So you have women who deliberately make themselves stupid and vapid and childish, and men who like them that way. The weird thing is that they all seem happy with this arrangement. Which makes it kinda unlikely to change any time soon …

Yes I know there are counterexamples. Yes, I have lots of Taiwanese friends who are not like this, too. C’mon, this is the Land of Generalisations, give me a break

Sorry, what movie is that? The 40-yr-old virgin? or a non-hollywood film? I’m curious…

Brendon, I see your point and wish to strike. But shit. I have no counterpoint.
My man says he likes smart women but I think he would be hard pressed to find a woman (or man) who is as smart as he is.
I just asked my man and he says that he has many friends who prefer girls who are smarter than they are. But he is 22. And the younger generation tends to be much more open minded.

American Pie, the first one.

Yeah, I don’t know how women in Taiwan manage to make it without killing each other. For instance when one of my in laws (Taiwan born) from the states went back and had some pictures done, the people at the photo place kept chastising her and her kids about the fact that they had a tan, etc. If that’s how they treat paying customers, I can’t imagine what they say about other people.

Sorry, what movie is that? The 40-yr-old virgin? or a non-hollywood film? I’m curious…[/quote]