Shakshouka at Wow's 邦查 Cafe(波浪屋2號倉庫)

Was at Wow’s 邦查 Cafe(波浪屋2號倉庫)in Taitung central. I very lovely cafe, nice seating area on the second floor (also outdoor seating option). Try the Shakshouka (an Jewish-Middle Eastern dish but now in many places but not seen in east Asia). They do a great version of it, chat with the Aussie-Brit staff/boss who i friendly nice guy. I will try upload photos later today. Also great prices. (much better than the Starbucks across the car park)



Yeah, that looks great. What is in it?

Eggs, tomatoes, olive oil, peppers (bell peppers in American), onion and garlic and cheese.

They do not make many, as most people do not order it, i hope they do keep it on the menu. Cost NT$180.

Shakshouka - Wikipedia


They make the bread on site?

I do not know, they do have a full size Pizza Oven. I can ask about the bread next time I visit.

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In my quest for a nice breakfast in Taiwan, I decided to drive up (technically down, right then up) for this.

Very delicious! And a really nice restaurant to boot.

6 hour round trip means I won’t be doing it often, but I’m happy to have it this once :grin:

Thanks for the recommendation!


Pretty sure he does. He handed me a big loaf of it last time I saw him. It was still warm.


Good to know, what else did you try? I may visit this long weekend


I’ll probably be there this Saturday and Sunday. I think I’ve had everything on their menu except the subject of this thread. My favorite thing there is the burger, the rest of my family prefers the brunch plate.

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I wanted try the burgers, but I can have some good/decent ones here in KHH& Pingtung, so maybe get the Shakshouka as it’s hard to find and thier version of it is good (to me). This and beer in Pingtung are what I want try now, haha.

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How was the Pizza, I know they had big Pizza oven, Explant should get there over the hills.

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Awesome cheers! Will definately try it out. I will basically be living in pingung next month while working, should definately squeeze this one in :slight_smile: my privelaged ass cant just live off subway and amazing indian food haha.

edit, dangit this is at that place in taidong city. I have alreay eaten there a hundred times, love it. How the heck did i think this was a pingdong thread? Haha sorry. The wow cafe restaraunt i quite like. I am vegetarian (loosely, cheese is alright) so i only eat their falafel burger (with fries, obviously) or their margarita pizza. My wife and friends eat meat and have ordered various other things that get pretty good reactions. I feel this place is definitely a very good choice for taidong city, not ultra expensive, filling and tasty as all hell. Even easy parking. Its absolutely a gem in taidong. In fact, i normally opt for either them or ABC deli when in town. Unfortunately the latter is closing and for sale :frowning:

The gold standard of reviews, not once was there a runny shat afterwards, by anyone i know. Equals good!

The pizza there is good, you just need to ask the owner to put on extra cheese.

ABC deli when in town. Unfortunately the latter is closing and for sale :frowning:

Not surprised ABC Deli is closing. That place has been struggling along for years. That location behind Carrefour isn’t awesome, and the idea of a cafe/gym is perplexing. It kind of works for the Hideout, but then again the Hideout hires Instagram-worthy girls to work the front counter.

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Ya, i hear ya man. Their gym turned into a bar though. Wish them the best, their food was really delicious. But i agree, the whole setup was probably doomed from the get go :frowning: a shame, will miss eating there when passing through. Was one of the better places in the south east for sure.

Yes, sad and location is not the best. Also a factor is many newer places opening up, I think still more better choices.