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Omicron is spreading ans some might get it.

Share your covid infection experience. Symptoms, quarantine, medication.

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No, it isn’t like that at all. The CDC has a webpage describing the VAERS procedure. The physician filing the report is expected to have some reasonable belief that the vaccine was the proximate cause of the event. The reports are NOT an unfiltered list of deaths (or whatever) within a certain time window. It would actually be more useful if they were.

I’m quite baffled as to the proposed legal basis for ongoing “control” of covid, given the admission that it’s of little or no clinical significance.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it’s probably safe to mention that I got my dose of omicron a few days ago. Vague, mild malaise for two days, a bit of a cough, 48 hours with a slightly runny nose, loss of appetite, and now it’s gone. All a bit of a Britney’s chuff really. By rights I should have died in agony. Perhaps the next lab leak will get me.


What cat?
Nice to hear all is okay, but not that that wasn’t to be expected, given the whole data on omicron and its general effect on the population in terms of age group, etc.
In the U.S. it’s now more infrequent to hear about people wanting to test themselves to see if they have it, and instead more are just living with minor symptoms (if they do appear) at least to see if they go away after a few days.

That’s what I have always done, even way before Covid-19 showed its face. I have worked with people over the years who would fit the description of a Hypochondriac and run off to the nearest Clinic/Doctor/Hospital at the slightest sniffle/cough/sneeze/sore back or whatever, and thus clog up resources that should be caring for the genuinely sick.

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How do you know? Self tested?

The roundabout admission from the CECC that their scoreboard numbers do not, in fact, represent the totality of all cases in Taiwan, and that omicron is basically spreading uncontrolled (and unmonitored). Anyone making that kind of assertion three months ago would potentially have found themselves in legal hot water.

Indeed. But I’m supposedly in the “vulnerable” age group, and unvaccinated. According to the CECC, if I’d been a couple of decades older I would have had a 20% chance of dying. What happened to my winter of severe illness and death? I should at least have been stuck on a ventilator for six months. I pay my health insurance contributions. I feel cheated.

I did do a rapid test, but it turned out negative. Apparently they often do with omicron. Anyway, I’m one of those old-fashioned people who thinks of disease as a collection of symptoms rather than the result of a test. I asked a few people who had already had it what they think, and they all said “LOL you’ve got COVID”, and I can’t think of any plausible differential diagnosis. I’ve not had anything like this before, ever - if it’s just a cold, it’s a really weird one. Particularly odd is that I thought I was totally OK, but then slept most of Sunday because I was feeling grotty again. Maybe I’ll get long COVID. That would make lots of people happy.


I cannot imagine anyone would be happy about that. The personal and larger social costs of long-term fatigue and brain fog are awful.



We get long-term fatigue and brain fog if @finley gets long Covid?

Christ on a bike, Finley, please stay in your manglewurzel (Sp. please) shed and avoid all human contact!

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The problem for me is, how would I even know if I have long covid?



I’ve had long Covid most of my life.


Yes. You’ve basically described the Biden presidency. :sweat_smile:


@finley you’ve railed on here for scientific rigour during the whole pandemic, and I enjoy your posts, but are you really content with “LOL you’ve got COVID”, as your criterion for diagnosis?


OK, from now, how about only people who have Covid for sure post their experience here and the rest just sit and read for a change?



That wasnt my only criterion. There are published lists of symptoms, but I attempted to confirm whether the official list accurately captures what other people experienced. The differential diagnosis would be “common cold”, but I don’t have symptoms that match the common cold more closely than Covid.

All my family, and several of their acquaintances, had omicron (or presumed so). They all did multiple tests, and (of those I know about) the tests were predominantly negative, and that seems to accord with the public experience. So I’m not putting a great deal of weight on the test result. Sure, I could do another one, but they’re not free anymore here. What would be the point given their poor reliability?

@hannes: if you have a plausible differential diagnosis (other than “the test is negative therefore you’re not ill” - although I have met doctors who take that approach), I’d like to hear it.

@Darkesontr : interesting, I hadn’t heard that. I still feel a bit crap, but since we’re around day 7 I’ve probably cleared whatever-it-is, and I’m too stingy to buy a test.


Not my experience, but I have a friend who is a medical doctor in Australia. I remember back in January my friend told me compared to the rest of Australia, the region my friend lives in hasn’t been impacted by Omicron. Yesterday it was revealed that my friend actually got COVID not long after that conversation, and became quite ill. The symptoms lasted 4 months and my friend lost 8 KG. It was incredibly difficult to breath, which is barely normal 4 month later.

After my friend could get back on her feet, despite still feeling very ill and had trouble breathing, the hospital required all personnel who contracted COVID to continue working wearing a mask because otherwise the hospital would be short-staffed.

That kind of ordeal is considered mild because in order to be considered severe you at least would end up in the ICU.


Was your friend vaccinated , overweight ? I guess sue is under 60.
Just interested. It sounds like a very severe case.

As a medical doctor my friend is obviously fully vaccinated, booster and all. My friend is in my friend’s early 30s, and is very fit.


Seems like she had a cytokine storm. Potentially. 8kg weight loss is very severe for a fit young woman .