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My friend is going through a pretty tough time. Elder family members in South East Asia also got really ill, and the choice is between not going back to see them for the last time or dragging the kids out of school, travel through all the quarantines, and risk the job at the current hospital. It’s hard to give useful advice. The pandemic is even destructive for family relationships.


How are you feeling now? Fully recovered?

I am fine. Feel 99 percent. Never had a fever. Never got a sore throat. Never really sneezed and just coughed a few times.

My main sign something was up was muscle aches the day before testing positive. It was minor but muscle aches are a red flag for me.

I always get muscle aches before getting sick so even though I tested negative that day and the day after, I knew to test one more time Sunday night before going to teach on Monday.

Right now, I feel basically fine but my voice doesn’t have any power. My wife reckons I sound normal but I can notice myself straining to speak loud enough. I coughed a few times and it feels like phlegm wants to come up.

Would have been easy to dismiss the symptoms as nothing. I probably would have done if not for all the contacts I had at the end of the week.

I took two pandols on Saturday when I had muscle aches. They went away so there was no need for more. On Saturday, I also started sucking zinc lozenges. 3 or 4 a day. I always do that if I feel I am about to be sick. I also kept up with my normal supplements. No other meds were needed.

All good…….so far


Are you still testing positive?

Haven’t tested since testing positive on sunday night. Someone will get some extra tests for me tomorrow and I’ll have a check. Just out of curiosity. Some people test positive even after a week so I doubt it is negative yet.


Did the test today. Strong positive. Came up instantly.

I feel 100 percent.


Thank you for the follow up. This is such a strange virus.

Does anyone know if that means he would still be able to spread the virus in Public?

Finally got the lurgy back in the land of freedom. Looks like I breathed too much of the air of freedom. I’ve had worse colds, but this sore throat sucks. I got paxlovid prescribed on line, medication is free.


Much masking where you are?

I’d say I’m seeing around 10-20% masking only in Vancouver, almost exclusively by newbies from Asia like me.

In any case, I hope you bounce back and are healthy again soon.



PS How did you know you are positive? Rapid antigen test at home? A more formal PCR test at some government facility?

I’m also watching out for this and hope to figure out how this works. :grimacing:


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Thanks! Not much masking here.

My home test showed negative, but I went for free rapid and PCR tests the next morning at a city mobile van and got the positive.

Hope you avoid it!


I finally got COVID for the first time.

I think I caught it on my TPE-IST-TLL flight, as I developed very mild symptoms 4 days after my flight and didn’t really have other contacts (all my family have already had COVID and all still test negative). The symptoms were basically just sneezing and weird very mild shiver along my spine. I did a rapid antigen test as I was planning to visit my grandma. Came back positive.

  • Later the same day I developed ~38 degree fever, headache, muscle ache. I was feeling more or less OK, though… just sleepy and lazy, didn’t want to do much.
  • Day 2 felt close to 90%, slight headache and muscle pain in the morning.
  • Day 3-4 felt close to 100%, except I completely lost my sense of smell and taste by the end of day 4.
  • Day 5 - feeling 100%, except no sense of smell and/or taste. Still testing positive with antigen test.

I’ve been in and out of the office in central London on the tube and going to pubs, restaurants and gigs all unmasked here and had nothing.

Went to stay in a cottage for a week in the middle of nowhere and we catch it. 3 days I’m back to normal, nasty though. Wife and baby in the thick of it now.

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How so? What happened in your case?


Wow these are really old-school symptoms, often experienced with older strains of COVID. Reportedly many people infected by omicron’s subvariants do not experience this.

I hope you fully recover as soon as possible. How are things in Estonia?


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Mainly sore throat for first two days and pounding headache for three days, but a really bad persistent, behind the eyeball, type of headache. Second day was very tiring, but ok after that.

It was like a very bad cold for me without the blocked sinuses. Just glad to get it over with.


Now that sounds quite like typical omicon symptoms!

I’m glad to hear you are doing OK now.


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Interesting. That and the runny nose was my most noticeable symptom. It wasn’t bad enough to be debilitating, but it was on-and-off for about 48 hours, which struck me as odd enough to mean I was ill with something.

I think it’s pretty common, my sister was the same a few weeks ago. Although my BiL seemed to get it worse, like a few days in bed. Only one day really struck me down. I did have a strange random runny nose, but no blocked sinuses like a cold.

Yeah, same here. Runny nose, more irritating that serious, and none of that awful blocked feeling. Felt vaguely ill for about a day, but not ill enough to want to go back to bed. Sounds like we got the same variant :wink: