Shimen to Kenting solo walk


Not that letter–the one involving massage.


Now this is something that fits in Cycling.


This kind of massages is quite normal for the older crowd I think, my grandparents used to have a guy go over to their house daily. He was blind and worked on them in their bed.

Note that I am NOT saying you’re old. Peace.


Yeah, massages and haircuts are often given at home. Cheaper for everyone, no salon rent, etc.


Aaaaw… a massage with a happy ending. What’s not to like? :wink:


Not to be mean, but the cataracts were a little off-putting. Kinda like my geriatric dog.


Really, grasshopper??


That fake Asian dude is even more off-putting.


Why did that guy sewed buttons to his eyes?


You’d have to be blind to think he was Asian…OOOPS!


Wow, two disadvantaged groups with one stone!


David Carradine.


Really? I thought it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


You never hear anything about David Carradine these days. Presumably he’s hanging around somewhere.


That’s messed up. At least he died happy.


It’s how he would have wanted to go.


Wow, really?? :roll:


if your feet are blistering a lot, then it’s possible your sock+shoe combination don’t quite work for your feet. have you ever gotten your feet properly measured?


Yes i had my feet sized for these. My shoes are pretty great about not blistering. I do have one on the heel sole of each foot, but that’s the least of my worries. I’m good for about 15-18km a day before my feet really scream


No pictures?