Shock presidential lead by populist economist in Argentina

This dude looks really entertaining. :clown_face: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :cowboy_hat_face:

A hard-Right radical economist, former rock singer and self-described “tantric sex instructor” has taken a shock lead in Argentina’s presidential primary elections after dealing the incumbent Peronist party a historic defeat.

Hard-Right populist Javier Milei takes shock lead in Argentinian primary elections (

Milei, 52, has a wiry mane of unkempt hair and struts like a rock star during his fiery campaign appearances. He has described himself as anti-abortion and claims that global heating is a “socialist lie”.

He says students in Argentina’s free public education system are “hostages of a system of state indoctrination” and has promised to abolish sex education in schools. Milei has suggested replacing Argentina’s free public education up to and including university studies with a “voucher” system and has hinted that he would end obligatory primary schooling.

In a YouTube campaign video, Milei announced that he would disband a number of ministries that he deems unnecessary. “Culture ministry – out! Environment – out! Ministry of women and gender diversity – out! Public works – out! Science – out! Labour and social security – out! Ministry of education and indoctrination – out!” Milei yelled.

Milei shot to daytime TV fame a few years ago as a brash economist and tantric sex coach who spoke openly about his preference for threesomes, assuring him wall-to-wall appearances on talkshows. He turned this notoriety into a political career and was elected to the lower house of congress in 2021 after founding Liberty Advances.

Milei’s antics have continued during his presidential campaign, including his proposal to legalise people selling their organs. “If women can have control over their bodies, why not everybody else?” he has said.
Far-right outsider takes shock lead in Argentina primary election | Argentina | The Guardian

I wonder if the people pushing increasingly mad and intolerable agendas realise this is inevitably what happens, every single time? Maybe it’s what they subconsciously want.

Why does he want to get rid of Public Works? If he intends to contract-out stuff like that, the usual outcome is rampant corruption.

It just occurred to me he bears an uncanny resemblance to Gary Glitter.


That’s what I thought.

That’s a gang I don’t wanna be in.

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truth be told, many government ministries around the world are utterly useless and a waste of taxpayers’ money


And not a few presidents and prime ministers

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For a moment I thought this was a thread dating back to the 2016 US elections.

Ah, you see what I did there!

This was originally posted in Peak Woke, but that seemed like the wrong place to me so I made it a new home :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah it’s your fault we vote for whack jobs!

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And I suspect that many of the regular readers of that thread might be offended when reading this title. Why? No idea.

I would guess they don’t like synonyms. :person_shrugging:

I was suggesting that maybe the far Left provoke the hoi polloi into voting for their diametric opposite (out of spite, frustration, or a lack of any other choices) simply so that they can point at them and scream incoherently. They know they’re incapable of being leaders themselves, so the next best thing is have someone in power who is so awful that he actually makes the Left look sane in comparison.

Argentina, with its 115% inflation rate and 40% of the population below the poverty line is what you get when you let Modern MonetaryTheory run your economy.


I’ve never really got the difference between MMT and Keynesian. It seems one is horrid rightwing overspending and the other is lovely leftwing overspending.

EDIT: It appears they’re both leftwing overspending. I’m completely confused now.

more importantly, did you find some beer at the airport?


Voting out of spite is about the dumbest thing anyone can do right or left. That’d be nobody’s fault but the ones that actually voted for him.

You don’t hire for a job that way so why would you vote that way when the stakes are so much higher?

I’d add the word desperation to the list.

In the UK, if you remove London, GDP per capita is lower than Mississippi. It’s not a massive surprise that many people feel unrepresented by the politicians in London.


Sad part is, they are humans like everyone else. get rid of “dictator mind sets” to bring in the new freedom fighters. and repeat. pretty much exactly the corruption of power coupled with the emotion of change doing a back and forth. The problem is human psyche, not government per se. a world of billions of mostly idiots with nuclear weapons and mass murder machinery is scary without boundaries (I mean rules/ethics/logoc/etc). we ought to go back to the idea that governments are such boundaries. not fucking caretakers of the spoiled/entitled! something the left and right completely dont comprehend. many political groups are frighteningly similar in this regard…(cause we all be human dopes is me guess…). Argue about minute points while the monkeys laugh at us wondering why we go to war over the banana being green or yellow when we still all eat bananas. bonkers.

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Argentina is quite interesting. Not really a poor third world place, but could be much better than it is with better leaders. I took the Metro (subway) a few year ago went I visited, some of the rail lines were built when Argentina 150% richer than Japan (80+ years ago), but recently when I was there some carriages where discarded old carriages from Japan with Japanese letters still on the rail carriage, as they could not afford new ones with Argentina short on $ or Euro or Yen… Nice cafes, streets, nightlife is great, just their money is somewhat worthless outside of Argentina (many want buy my Euros). But still good size middle class, good Pizza (many people decend from Italy or Spain) and Southern Euro food, nice wine, not very terrible place but as I said could be better/

old japanese carriages in Nagoya Municipal Subway 5000 series - Wikipedia
n service July 1980 – 2015 (Nagoya Subway)
2015–present (Buenos Aires Underground)


Of course it is. I wasn’t suggesting it was logical or sensible; I was just suggesting that, given how human minds work, it’s inevitable and predictable.

I was suggesting that the emergence of nutjobs on the right happens because of an excess of nutjobs on the left - and vice versa, of course. They’re reflections of each other. When revolutionary Communism took hold in the 1950s, it didn’t just spring out of nowhere: it emerged at least partially as a reaction to actual oppressive, imperialist, or “right wing” regimes, or wannabe regimes. People were sick of it all and figured “hey, nothing could be worse than what we’re facing now … right? Perhaps a radical change will fix it”.

Now people are sick of it all in a different way. They’re sick of authoritarian tyranny whose ostensible purpose is to “protect” us all from mythical boogeymen. They’re stick of LGBTQ+ alphabet-soup nonsense. They’re sick of tax money being wasted on vast socialist boondoggles that don’t even begin to address the problems they were supposed to cure. So they lurch towards populist idiots on the other side of the ideological spectrum.

Argentinians probably worry about different things - they’re primarily concerned, I suspect, with decades of fiscal mismanagement. Nevertheless, populist fools who claim that they’re going to fix everything, and people who vote for them, are invariably a result of the incumbents fiddling while Rome burns.


Very true. Something we should ask the voters that are doing sohaha. cause it happens globally every time. or so it seems :frowning:
Even posed with the question, justification is almost assured :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Iriniclaly, when posed with the question (after their justified “there is no one better”) why they dint run for office, the real mumble fucks come out. I suppose us foreigners have a decent excuse to do nothing at all, we arent legally allowed to be president :joy: all of a sudden these 4 (3…) fingers dont point back at us lol.

pretty much the definition of retardation. :broken_heart: