Short term rentals Kaohsiung

Does anyone know of any short term rentals or websites with short term rentals? Preferably for Kaohsiung? I know that 591 has a short term category, and I have looked at that.

We are looking for a month rental at this time. Preferably an apartment with 2 bedrooms, and furnished. We could do with a hotel room with a kitchenette - we need to cook for our son. We have looked at AirBnB and their prices are sky-high. Chinese websites are fine.

Any help is much appreciated!!


Mostly confirming 591 and then check Facebook Kaohsiung apartment group.

Short term rentals in Kaohsiung are mostly sublet bedrooms without kitchens. So unless something is posted online in fb, here, or you see something on 591, airbnb or hotel are probably your best bets.

I live in a short-term serviced apartment building in Kaohsiung with very reasonable rent, and the apartments are like hotel rooms with either a single queen or double queen, but no kitchen or separate bedrooms. However we do have a shared kitchen and dining area in the lobby. Might be a good option for you if you’re okay with sharing a room with two beds with your son for a month.

I don’t know of any short-term rentals here that aren’t hotel-style rooms.

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That is great info if we can’t find anything else. Thanks!

Do they have a fridge in each room as well? And does that fridge have a freezer?

Thanks again.

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Expect a mini fridge, if they have one at all.

Sometimes they might have common areas with kitchen appliance and a full fridge.


Yup. What he said. :point_up_2:

Mini-fridge in the rooms. Full fridge, full freezer, microwave, cookware, utensils, dinnerware, water boiler, and filtered tap water in the shared kitchen. Only one stovetop though.

Shared washers on the rooftop, but no dryer.

Could try dorms if cannot find anything. each one is different, many are shared kitchens that I have seen. most are also semester leases, but probably many will rent by the month if the semester has started and they figure not many new students. Probably not an ideal situation, but a decent enough plan B in a pinch.

Otherwise, on the scooter meeting people always seems the best :slight_smile:

If I were by myself, sure. But with my wife and 12 year old son, I don’t think that would work. My wife doesn’t like the idea of a hotel room for a month, let alone a dorm! :slight_smile:

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It is crazy how much worse the short term rentals/AirBnb situation has become post COVID in Taiwan. It is bad world-wide, but Taiwan’s prices are ridiculous and with very limited selection. I have seen rooms for rent for around $2000 USD! Single rooms! Insane.

I’ve thought about this. Long ago I lived in student dorm type places, it was actually pretty empty too, understandable because university enrollment isn’t very high.

I don’t think they mind you renting month to month.

However just know student dorms are unsuitable for families, and is also not very good in terms of overall condition. Many have no AC for example.

Fair points. I wouldnt be keen either. I was only mentioning because there are loads of good dorms around and they are basically the exact same as a hotel. but with a few bonuses (eg. kitchens). and a few disadvantages (eg. might need to chip in on electeicity). if desperate and a hotel is the go, you can have the same thing but at a fraction of the cost via dormitory.[0]=33&fbclid=IwAR3ta_MMImypdMyIDQIsraGatDivL-6uWL50w88Ih6svF815HFOsDZ6XgUg

Maybe people who have places and are gone that month may be open to sublease for the month. What are your approximate dates?

Approximately January 4 - Feb 5, 2024.

These are really great. I guess I can think of a couple of issues:

  1. I would need to be in Taiwan to book these I think. After my recent fiasco I am unlikely to send money sight unseen.

  2. Do they require a deposit? I scanned through and didn’t see anything.

Also, at least one of them was for the near future (summer to September). I suppose I could contact and ask.

Is there a filter on 591 for length of stay?

Just curious what the name of this place is? Perhaps a website?

Thanks. It looks like they only have one place with a kitchen available for Jan 4 - Feb 5 though. We will see if the guy we are waiting on comes through or not.

I wonder how CNY will affect availability