Shorter term rental in more rural areas

Hey everyone,

So I may be moving out to Yilan or luodong for a teaching position and I want to get an apartment but I am worried about signing a year lease just in case I get tired of the area and want to get out.

In taipei I know there is usually the option of getting a sublettor but in Yilan… Not so confident I can get one perhaps.
Does anyone know if landlords (say off 591) are ever willing to rent on shorter leases? Say 3-6 months?

I don’t know anyone in that area, but I’ve been able to get short-term rentals in other places by offering the landlord more money than they are asking for, and saying I understand it would be a pain to have to find someone else quickly.

I am of course not saying this, but it has happened before in Taiwan that people have broken leases. There’s usually a clause in the lease stating how it would be handled. You may want to just think about “legally” breaking your lease if needed, by paying whatever the penalty in the contract is. It might end up being less money and trouble that trying to convince a landlord to go shorter term, but be prepared to let some money go. If you think that might be an option, you could calculate the penalty as just a higher monthly rent in your mind.

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