Since when did a 6'2" height become average?

The first class was a shock. The usual slightly nerdy, skinny guys shuffled into class followed by this man mountain.

I believe it in the US. That’s not rare at all. My team in high school was all around 6-6’6 for basketball.

I also do not believe Taiwanese men are the tallest in Asia. Korean kids tower over them. It would not be rare to see Korean kids be around my height. In Taiwan, I could go through weeks and never see a guy that’s 190.

Found this the other day when the topic of height was being discussed at the office. Not sure the source of their numbers, but doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Indeed. Young Taiwanese can be an average of 6´2 and over. One feels… better not say. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well that’s the average in the Netherlands.

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My Dad and little brother are 6’2” to 6’3”. They have a lot of back problems I don’t have to deal with. I’m the runt of my family at 5’11”.

Women who won’t date guys under 6 feet are just the “no fat chicks” equivalent of men. I get people being superficial, we all are. I can’t fault them too much for that. What bothers me more is those who are hypocritical about it; like for example, they talk about being “body positive” and how judgmental men are. But then they won’t date short dudes and don’t see any double standard with that. That’s what’s really annoying.

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nice study, ain’t true though. thats about average back home. and people back home are certainly taller than here.
google says 171 for men, 159 for girls. seems about right to me.

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But one is almost purely genetics. Another is almost always a lifestyle choice. I can’t blame a person for being short. I can not want to date a fat person because they probably don’t take of themselves and have healthy habits with a lack of self control. Things I don’t want in a partner.


I don’t notice it so much in Taiwan, maybe because it’s not so much a realistic option lol

But in the US, I would say 90% of women will say being tall is a requirement. And the most adamant ones are the shorter ones. Its such a turn off for me listening to women list crazy things they want, most of them are alone anyways or in one bad relationship to another. It used to be like, kind, sense of humor, good family values. Now it’s like he has to have swag, be 6’6 250lbs of muscle with 5% body fat, drive a BMW and make 6 figures. And I’m looking at the girl like…you flunk college working a min wage job and have a horrible attitude. How about start at kind hearted jeez.


True. I thought about adding that point myself.

if anything its more of a thing here. but western women do have more skewed higher standards thats for sure. its also true that shorter women are pickier. its because taller women have far less dating options.

Although when it comes to dating, certain… “moves” just can’t be achieved if a guy is short. Or would be a huge struggle which ruins the fun. Alls I’m sayin :joy:.

I meant the height requirement for Taiwanese women. Other things you can see in many developt countries.

I’ve learned my lessons and run far far away from these type of women no matter how attractive they may be.

Ugh. Wonder who’d even want to date that anyway.


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I think he was probably referring to a study done by London Imperial and it was about the change of height in the past century (difference in height between those born in 1896 and 1996).

According to that study Taiwanese boys born in 1996 (174.5) are the second tallest in Asia after S. Korean boys born in 1996 (174.9), but still shorter than average Europeans (like 180 or something), which makes sense as the averages of the entire population would include those who’ve gone through tough times, aka widespread malnutrition, and in 1996 almost all Asian countries were all poor af apart from a couple of exceptions (which Taiwan and Korea belong to).

Japanese ppl obviously are just short and not even wealth can help that much.

Women with a laundry list of what they want in a man are a huge turnoff. I’m not a laundry list, I’m a human being.

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Btw to me 6’2 is the perfect height for a guy (actually 6’0 to 6’3). 6’6 is way too tall and you’d probably be the first to die when some crazy starts shooting as you stand out too much.

No, you’re a cow! The best cow!


Are you? I’ve been lead to believe otherwise.

I’m a human being who identifies as a dairy cow. There are more of us than you’d think.

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