Since when did a 6'2" height become average?

So swore some college girls in a bar by UCLA. If anything I’d possibly consider it slightly above average.

Just sayin’.

You forgot the full stop ( or period as you chaps call it ) , after the sore . Oh wait …:yum:

It’s not even close, average height in American so 5’9-5’10. It’s already a pretty tall country, most are much shorter.

What happens is, men lie about their height often to girls. I’m 6’2.5. A bit taller with shoes. I have girls constantly think I’m like 6’6 or above because their boyfriends told them they were 6’2 when they barely are 6 feet. I think only like 10% of the world population is above 6 feet or something.

When they said 6’3 is “tall-ish” I thought they were messing. But no, dead serious.

I feel like those boyfriends would eventually get busted though, it’d be way more embarrassing than if they were just upfront in the first place. But that’s just me.

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Also women these days have ridiculous standards imo. They’ll have a never ending unrealistic list of things they want when they have nothing to offer. Perhaps guys feel they need to lie about being 6’2. Not the first time I’ve heard girls who are barely 5 feet say they don’t date guys less then 6 feet.


It’s the same reason as to why they can’t park. They keep getting told that 6 inches is 10 inches.


Used to be able to see the end of the last train car on an MRT about 20 years ago, and feel myself towering over everyone. Now my view is obstructed by at least a dozen 20 year-olds standing over 190cm…


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I feel like you’re also not understanding how tall 190cm/6’3 is. I’m like 188 without shoes accurately. I go through days in Taipei never encountering a person taller than me. I was the tallest person in the entire military base when I did my conscription.

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The Amis kids are freakin’ tall. My daughter is about 172 cm (third year middle school) and she commented that she finally felt normal during the Harvest Festival this year in Hualien with all the other kids around. Her cousin (same age) is about 180 cm. And it’s cool walking around and seeing the boys pass the time by playing baseball- some with some seriously good arms. Okay, now what were we talking about?

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A study in 2018 says the average height of Taiwan men is 174.5 cm, which is the tallest in Asia.

I also go through days without seeing people taller than me, especially after my co-worker of 190cm tall quit, but I’m pretty sure if you take public transports around schools right after school, you’d see a bunch of freakishly tall 20 year olds. The kids are only getting taller these days.

Of course I’m not saying 6’2 is the average, but I can see why some people would set their standard at the high end, like, perhaps only dating people making more than 10K a month.

People make too big a deal out of height. I’ve never really cared about it since almost all men are taller than me anyway. Nice face and physique is more important as far as physical features go…

Also, since it was a sports bar, gonna say that those girls are probably used to hanging out with college athletes, so they’re used to seeing a different breed of guys.

I’ve noticed every generation here getting taller than the previous one. I think it’s a good sign for the overall development of the country.

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Judging by the thumbnail and title I feel like I might have seen a similar vid, but it was a guy live-swiping a group of ladies or some such.

Idk, I see some 180-185ish people here and there. I used to work at a school for basketball in Taiwan. And even then, I’ve never seen a kid taller than me. A few just around my height. Even in the US, I was the 3-4th tallest player on my high school basketball team with all American kids. And we could play.

And it would really rare to see a guy taller than me playing pickup basketball here. There will be one ridiculous guy standing like 2 meter plus. But never really any 190s. I have a really hard time believing Taiwan is now 175. That’s about where western countries stand, no way Taiwanese guys just sprouted that much in a few years from a average of like 170 last time I checked.

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Yes there’s also one where a guy swipe 20 girls. Really funny

One of my students I’m teaching right now is 187. He’s also a bodybuilder. Massive guy, and he’s only 19. He calls himself Joy, which I have avoided joking about.

But isn’t 187 really tall actually? Especially packing on some muscle you look huge. The rock is only 190. I don’t believe there are a bunch of student standing around 190 in Taiwan. I’ve worked with sports programs here and never seen it. Our national players are barely 190 above for basketball lol and I’ve been around a few of them. And my entire camp of conscripts around 19-23 of 160 men, none of them were taller than me. I thought it was ridiculous.

People underestimate what 190 really looks like. I’ve had many parents tell me their kids are also 190. And I know they are just above 180 really.

Most (but not all) younger dudes (18-24) around me hover between 6’1"-6’5". But I also work in the vanity industry, so those aren’t real life norms.