How tall is Forumosa? LOL

In light of this thread about 6’2 being the average height , how tall are forumosa posters!?

The results are anonymous so manlets/womenlets and lankets need not worry.

  • Under 5 feet 152cm
  • 5 feet 1 inches 154.94 cm
  • 5 feet 2 inches 157.48 cm
  • 5 feet 3 inches 160.02 cm
  • 5 feet 4 inches 162.56 cm
  • 5 feet 5 inches 165.1 cm
  • 5 feet 6 inches 167.64 cm
  • 5 feet 7 inches 170.18 cm
  • 5 feet 8 inches 172.72 cm
  • 5 feet 9 inches 175.26 cm
  • 5 feet 10 inches 177.8 cm
  • 5 feet 11 inches 180.34 cm
  • 6 feet 0 inches 182.88 cm
  • 6 feet 1 inches 185.42 cm
  • 6 feet 2 inches 187.96 cm
  • 6 feet 3 inches 190.5 cm
  • 6 feet 4 inches 193.04 cm
  • 6 feet 5 inches 195.58 cm
  • 6 feet 6 inches 198.12 cm
  • over 6 feet 7 inches 200.66 cm

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Also feel free to share your best short people / tall people memes.

Where’s the option of “none of your business”?

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The poll can only have 20 options. People who are 4’10 should just select the under 5 feet category.


Don’t worry though Gain, almost all men on the internet are 6’ and millionaires. I suspect 6’ will take the majority in the poll.


I used to be 5’11”. But the weight of the world is on my shoulders now so I’m 5’10”.


Sounds like somebody is sensitive about his height. :grin:

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I found a pair of these thrown under the squat rack at the gym last week.


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@Gain is sensitive about everything.

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Well that somebody ain’t me.

My buddy from secondary school was 5’6 but moved to Singapore to work in some finance bullshit and ended up getting height extension surgery. He can’t play basketball or move too quickly anymore, but at least he’s a few inches taller. :thinking:

Pic isn’t him but it basically looks as strange as that. ( if not more strange ) he’s still kinda short but has this creepy slender man aesthetic now.


That’s so pathetic.

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Don’t they have to break your freaking bones for that?? Insane…

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I think so


Hey! That’s not nice.

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5’6 isn’t that short in Singapore. It’s basically the average height there. Jeez I hope he doesn’t think he’s short in other areas as well trying to get surgery.

This makes me feel ill

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Average height means short. Shorter than average height means extremely short. A lot shorter than average height means dwarf.

Anyway my idea of tall and short for guys:
Too tall: >6’3
Perfect: 6’ to 6’3
Decent: 5’11 to 6’
Short: 5’9 to 5’11
Very short: 5’7 to 5’9
Midget: <5’7

He got teased a lot in HS for other reasons. When he moved to Singapore he thought he would seem tall, but he keept going on dates with girls who would comment “you’re not that tall for a Canadian” ect… idk LOL. I guess it just broke him.

I think he has always had some bigorexia issues as well.

I hate being short, but it is a lot easier to be a short woman than it is to be a short man, so at least there’s that.

@Andrew0409 it’s comments like these that explain why this dude got the height extension surgery.

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