Six feet under

does anyone watch the HBO series - six feet under.
It’s a good watch… but I don’t understand what the title “six feet under”
is refering to.
can anyone enlighten?


Buried six feet under the ground. I believe “he/she is six feet under” was a comical way of saying someone was dead.

Like the series also, especially now they have got rid of Claire’s awful boyfriend.

That’s supposedly how deeply dead bodies are buried.

Reminds me of a great short story, Tolstoy’s “How Much Land does a Man Need?”

I agree, the HBO series is a good one.

my brain linked me to a lost link in my brain search for a similar idiom that use the word “lily” or “lilies” do mean dead.

link me back :slight_smile:


Hmmm. How about “pushing up the daisies”?

ah…that’s the one :slight_smile: thanks maoman…
so it’s six feet under pushing up daisies…


Six Feet Under is great and kind of cute and dysfunctional, but it’s nothing compared to The Sopranos. I’ll never understand why HBOAsia didn’t take that one on.

The problem with HBO here is: it is a full 3 years behind HBO back home. We saw the first 3 seasons before we came here…and that was 1.5 years ago. So we are now getting re-aqainted with the characters in season 1.
Same holds true with Sex and City and Friends.

Is anyone watching the best show on earth??? The AMAZING RACE 4 is now on AXN Mondays at 11:30pm.

Probably because the program director for Asia thought that a show about people who sing in high voices would not be popular here. :laughing:

I might get in trouble for this, but it is quite easy to obtain HBO content such as Six Feet Under and the Sopranos via your computer, if you know what I mean.

show me soddom? how to get sopranos via computer?


You must mean The Osbournes. :wink:

Only if I want to keep my kids out of trailer trash rocknroll…

Soddom, any chance of finding Sopranos Season 4 out there in fileshare land? Check for me?
On OSX I can only use Neo, which just isn’t the same as Kazaa.
Limewire is also a bit lame.

I keep hearing about the sopranos, but I haven’t watched TV in 5 years, but I htought i might try and, um, ‘order it’, off the net.

So how many series are there, and how many eps to a series? How do you know whetehr or not you’re missing eps?


I have luckily (thanks to monkbuckets) seen three entire seasons. I think they’re on season 4 now.
It gets better and more disturbing each season. The acting and screenplays are brilliant. It’s also humourous, to a point.
Six Feet Under just cannot compare. Not nearly as detailed and consuming as Sopranos. Sopranos is like peeling an onion, layer upon layer you find more depth and dimension to Tony Soprano and his clan. You’ll hate several of the main characters, but love some of the others.

With Six Feet, I don’t really care about that family too much. I like the mother the best of the lot. The other ones do nothing for me. They’re rather bland, really. And I find Brenda’s brother Billy very annoying.

The death scene that starts off every show is the best part for me. After that its like being stuck in a bland forumosa thread. Can’t break the habit…but the dark humor on the show is alot better. Caught the first season in Holland last year. I can hardly wait for the new season.

oh, and thank buddah its not about gangsters. I’ve had it up to here with you talking to mes, forget about its and Vinne get the cars.

Boo! I rented the Sopranos from BLockbuster and was singularly unimpressed. A bit of an unusual approach, for sure, but within the very first ep, its already just a gangster show. If it wasn’t for the lead (is his name Tony Gandalfi?) and the title music, it would be a heap of crap.
Tony Gandalfi is fucking amazing, though. ALmost worth watching for his work alone.

The theme songs for both shows are great though. My family watches both programs back home and my mom tells me a little bit about what’s happening in each. I was thrilled when they got Six Feet Under here. I couldn’t watch it at school since they didn’t give us HBO on the cable (bastards!), but I’d watch it when I went home for breaks. Honestly, they need to drop the Married Guy crap show and get the Sopranos. I was surprised to see Six Feet Under because it deals with death which I am sure had some superstitious Taiwanese and Filipinos nervous about airing such a show on TV, but I am glad they did.

Maybe they don’t have the Sopranos because Taiwan wants to convince everyone that gangsters don’t really exist.

Dear English Teacher,
Please watch your language :slight_smile: and stof effing arounf …