Slow Computer Question

I’m using Windows 7, and Chrome as my browser.
When I have a film on Netflix, a sports game that I’m streaming or a stupid Facebook game, and I look at something else, the others take ages to reload.
Is that normal?
I would appreciate suggestions.

Yep. Try using another browser for the Netflix, for me one video site in Chrome soon hogs all my memory. Facebook and Forumosa also seem to be process slowing memory-hogs in Chrome. Closing unnecessary tabs seems to help, especially the aforementioned ones, even closing them and restarting them if needed at the moment.

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What are your results?

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Stating the obvious, use a system that is still supported by its manufacturer (
Otherwise another browser like firefox might use less resources…


First know how much ram your pc has.
Second open the task manager and monitor your ram usage.
Open your applications and watch if you exceed the ram installed on your pc. If yes, upgrade your ram.

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Ping: 3
Download: 22
Upload: 6

I don’t know what that means, though.

Yeah I monitor how much memory tabs are using with the system monitor and close offending tabs.

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It’s the speed of your internet connection. That can be a factor in performance.


That’s good enough for 5 pc watching movies.

Probably RAM. Lots of laptops these days don’t ever include enough RAM. Most include only 4G and it’s not enough at all. Only when you get to the higher end laptops they might include 8G. Worst thing is, lots of smaller notebooks these days can’t be upgraded, everything soldered in. But if you can add RAM get it up to 16G. 8G is marginal.

The old school reply, run msconfig and disable as many processes that automatically start up at boot.

You can keep going down this path for a while in different ways the audio guys are really into getting things just geared to audio to the point they disable auto detect on a CD tray, also clean your browser cache.


Uhm I guess that @jimipresley might appreciate a bit less tech-y suggestions. Not everyone on here is a nerd ^^

So @jimipresley, do I understand that when you switch from one Chrome tab (window) to another one, then it takes very long to switch back? If so, what exactly do you see while waiting?

To check the RAM that people mentioned, as a first step try this and tell us how many GB this shows:

netflix has a dedicated app in the windows store as well. maybe wanna give that a whirl.

good luck to you.

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I didn’t know that. Does it make a difference?

i know that the only way you can get true 5.1 is through the app as chrome or other browsers don’t output at 5.1.

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A big thank you to all who offered advice and suggestions. It was kind and generous. :hearts:

I think I may just need to get a new computer.

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If computer is a PC: Reboot computer. Problem fixed? No? Reformat harddrive. Problem fixed? No? Replace components, add more RAM, etc.

If computer is a Mac: Take computer to Apple store. Problem fixed? No? Buy new Mac.


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