Never saw the movie because the idea sounded stupid to me. Probably just another movie where Samuel L Jackson can exercise his awesome dialog consisting of multiple uses of “mother fucking” snakes.

That’s not the pattern o a habu, but a red banded or so. I often confuse the wolf snake with the other one.

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Pffffff i reaffirm my verdict: not a habu, no way.

I concede the point as to species.

But, it was a snake! LOL

Found this poor dead Bamboo Viper this evening. Looks like one of the feral cats around my place got him.

Cobras are for sure very diurnal, but night time.cobras certainly are common as well.

Snakes on a plane: cash grab and a movie made by morons. But if they made money from such a story, maybe they arent the morons…everything about it makes my eyes squeeze to the side of my head. Drugs may be a logical explanation.

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Jeesh, poor thing does look chewed on :frowning:

Snake night! A great night for snakes and I wasn’t even looking for them!

紅斑蛇 in my neighbors’ inner courtyard. I was called to remove it for them. Non-venomous, but very bitey, regardless.

Poor Bamboo Viper. Must have gotten run over by a car or a scooter.

Then a little while later, a not dead Bamboo Viper. Luckily, I was able to find a long piece of stiff grass and coax him off the road so he can continue to not be dead!


so are you some kind of a snake expert or something, that people call you to remove potentially dangerous snakes?

So if I ever fly and I discover snakes, should I call you?

I mostly saw dead bamboo vipers in the mountains on the road while cycling. About the most common squashed snakes. Must be a thing for them.

and that Red banded snake looks so much like our local akamata (Lycodon semicarinatus) which has exactly the same evil bastard temperament. Bite everything a lot.


No. Absolutely not an expert at all. However, after living with them all around my property for the past 20+ years, I’ve learned how to deal with them. My farmer neighbors on the other hand are scared to death of them and kill all on sight. So, I’ve told them that if they have a snake in their house or property, that I will come and remove them safely. I also told them that snakes are good for the environment and eat the mice and rats which bring diseases. So, now they call me and I go help them out.


Call Samuel L. Jackson. He’ll “muther fuckin’” the snakes to death and save you.

Maybe he will cut the snakes up with his purple lightsaber or use it to open some windows