You’ve been to Thailand too many times.


This is a snake.

NOW I’m jealous. Poor snake…

Where did you find that one? I think I’ve seen only two coral snakes all these years… and one of them was dead after making it through a the cobra? ratsnake? that dared to swallow it.

On a road near my home. I have seen these snakes frequently. However, this one had a bad encounter with a feral cat, owl or a scooter or car. It was still alive when I found it, so I gently picked him up and set him in the bushes to die.

In what area is that again? Roughly

Here’s a nice snake walk for you.

Park your car at the beginning and follow this path at night. If you don’t see snakes, you ain’t looking!

Here’s another snake walk a bit up higher in the mountains. I’ve seen pangolins as well as lots of other interesting animal life, to include lots of snakes on QinShan Road.

Have fun, but don’t forget to bring super powerful LED lights with you.


Today had to inform the little woman (my wife) that I spotted a snake in our small warehouse at our farmhouse. I couldn’t grab it before it slithered behind a whole lot of stuff (not sure what type). She has now become accustomed to seeing snakes…a big change from a few years back.

Ain’t the first time…found a poisonous snake in a bucket I was reaching into while in the warehouse. Luckily I looked down before I accidently grabbed it. Prior to that I was picking up a rock behind the warehouse only to find a poisonous snake behind the rock…only about a foot from my hand.

I always toss the snakes at our house in the neighbors banana tree orchard.


Rare but thry exist. Perhaps you meant venemous

Yes…what can I say? My English was already “poor” before arriving in Asia 30 years ago…

This is a snake.


Another snake. Fielded a phone call from my neighbor to remove this one at 23:30 this evening.


It’s fast!

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It felt good to get it off the road so it will be able to live another day!

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What kind is this one?
Doesn’t look very friendly…

I’m no snake expert as has been pointed out. But, I think it’s a Red Banded Snake (紅斑蛇)

But, bottom line, it’s a snake. I saw it. I photographed it. I removed it from my neighbors yard. I released it into the forest.

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Going to check it out tonight. I need a fucking break.

Danger Zone

So I’m afraid that I didn’t see much last night. The first one was a roadkill and the second one that snake. It’s funny, some friends reacted to the pictures saying “it’s so big!”. This viper is the SMALLEST of all the vipers I’ve seen these years. Ridiculously small… almost a baby! Actually when I saw it I was disappointed and happy because I saw something, but really small, but that means that my eyes and snake radar are still working.


Beauty. Where did you go? QinShan Road? Or were you down in the drizzle near me? I went out for just one hour and got skunked.

But, I had a nice walk along the coast today. Sunny, breezing, warm. Makes up for last night.

Perhaps the weather tonight will be more conducive to seeing some snakes. I’ll keep you posted.

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Why are cat snakes called cat snakes?

Is it because they meow, or is it because cats eat them?