Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

This is inspired by an old Mad Magazine series. I guess that means I’m now old enough to fart dust, but here’s the gist of the game. Give a snappy answer to the previous poster’s stupid question: for example, here’s a typical exchange borrowed from the original series.

Q: Are you asleep?
A: No, I’m dead. Leave the flowers and get out.

Here we go. Leave a snappy answer to the following stupid question, and then pose a stupid question for the next poster.

Q: Are you an English teacher?

[quote=“Salvatore Armani”]
Q: Are you an English teacher?[/quote]
A: Yes, I am. Let me guess. It was the flipflops and bad smell that gave me away, wasn’t it?

Q: Why do all foreigners like to do that?

A: Because it’s rude to piss on the seat.

Q: Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?

A. Because I have worms. :blush:

Q. Are you going to eat that?

[quote=“Stray Dog”]
Q. Are you going to eat that?[/quote]

Why? You like dog also?

[quote=“Namahottie”][quote=“Stray Dog”]
Q. Are you going to eat that?[/quote]

Why? You like dog also?[/quote]

coughnew Q pls cough :slight_smile:

A: Not when they is want bite me.

Q: Wow! Where did you learn how to use chopsticks???

A: At the same place I learned Kung Fu. Let me demonstrate…

Q: You have been in Taiwan for how many years now?

To a Taiwanese person: “long enough to know that everyone I shall ever meet in Taiwan will ask me that same damn question, I’m sick of it. And before you ask…No,I’m not American, and no, not all foreigners like ball room dancing and survive on hotdogs as a staple diet.”

Why is it that the people with the licences make the worst drivers?

A license for underwater basket weaving hardly makes one a good driver.

How much money do you make?

Not enough to get me off this fuckin’ rock.

Why is Canada so cold?

[quote=“Taichung Social Club”]
Why is Canada so cold?[/quote]

A: So people don’t smell as bad as they do here.

Q: Wow, how tall are you?

This tall! and you?

Why are they fighting with America in Iraq?

Because “they” keep saying its bad to drink cold water.

Why do you smile so much?

Unlike you, I don’t have a mouth full of rotten, black stumps.

Why are your eyes blue?

[quote=“Taichung Social Club”]
Why are your eyes blue?[/quote]

A: My guess is, Buddha likes brown eyes.

Q: Why is your nose so big?

[quote=“ratlung”]Q: Why is your nose so big?[/quote]All the better for smelling you, my dear.

What does this button do ?

A: Press it and find out.

Q: What are you looking at?

Snooker’s very own Count Dracula, Ray Reardon.

Why is my hair so dull and lifeless?

[quote=“Dangermouse”]A: Press it and find out.

Q: What are you looking at?[/quote]

Your momma.

Why people laugh when you fart and scold when you belch?