So let's talk about the Proud Boys then

The Proud Boys that Donald Trump endorses:

OMG i just liked a Roland post.

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AKA the Get Rid Of Smelly GirlS club. I bet they have their own tree-fort and sikrit handshake and everything.


You’re just projecting what you want to see, it could easily mean 6 Months Without Erections.

That could be productive. Erections can be distracting to life goals.

A shame their lack of erections still wasn’t enough.

Canada considering declaring Proud Boys a terrorist group.
Biden called the insurrectionists domestic terrorists.

Good news!

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And some of them are good people

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Good lord, anything but the white power hand signal
If he wasn’t radicalised he is now :ok_hand:

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How the Duck is that guy even out on ball?

Jesus, now the OK sign is bad outside of Brazil and a few Arab countries?

And who cares who he’s hanging out with? All that matters are the facts of his case. Even if he is a white supremacist, it should have no bearing on his case.


The emoji lives on…

But hanging out with a terrorist group surely is against his bail conditions.
It’s not the hand signal that’s the problem. The proud boys were part of the group that stormed the capital