Some Good Western Restaurants in Taitung

I’m newer to Forumosa (I was on here years ago, but for whatever reason forgot about it), and this is my first post in years so bear with me.

I live in Taitung City. I’ve been here for 12 years, and in Taiwan for almost 20. I just thought I’d rattle off a few restaurants in the area in case anyone was interested.

  1. Pizza

Everybody knows Uncle Pete’s. It’s in the city, not far from the Seashore Park. If you’re looking for more of a drinking/pizza combination Uncle Pete’s is where you want to go.

Taitung also has Domino’s and Pizza Hut, so there’s that.

In Dulan, Mark and Tini’s place, Wagaligong, also serves pizza. I’ve never had it. Be warned that it’s not cheap.

The Dulan Dinner restaurant is located at the north end of Dulan. It’s across the bridge from downtown Dulan. This would be my favorite pizza in Taitung, but be warned they’re SLOW. If you can, call and tell them to make your pizza about a half hour before you get there. Otherwise you’ll be waiting eons.

Ajo Pizza has already been mentioned here. I’m really not sure if that place is still open.

Further south, closer to the city, there’s Pooz Pizza in Shan Yuan. I would NOT recommend this place. The pizzas are tiny and overpriced.

  1. Burgers

Sam’s Burger is where most people go. This place is in downtown Taitung City, on Kai Feng Road.

The Inn by the Village restaurant has excellent burgers, but they’re very slow. This place is on Tie Hua Road and Jung Hua Road, not far from the city center.

There are two McDonald’s in downtown Taitung City. There’s also a Mos Burger on the corner of Shin Sheng Road and Bo Ai Road.

Up the coast in Dong He Village is the Tropical Low Pressure Kitchen. Their burgers are AWESOME, but like the Dulan Dinner they are glacially slow.

  1. Spaghetti

There are many restaurants serving spaghetti in town, but none of it is particularly good.

  1. Mexican

There’s a place called Yummiez Kitchen in the Industrial Area. I haven’t eaten there in ages, but last time I did it was extremely forgettable. SORT OF Mexican, if you discount the barbecue sauce.

Montes Mexican restaurant is on Sse Wei Road. It’s a strangely popular place, and often reservations are required. It’s about as “Mexican” as Yummiez. I heard the owner used to work at the long-gone Pasadena back in the day. The quality of Montes is comparable to what Pasadena used to offer.

There’s a guy who moved over here from Taichung that sells tacos on the road. This is, in my opinion, your best option. He’s usually in Dulan in the Sugar Factory there, but he also sells his tacos in the night market downtown. Not sure if he’s still around though.

  1. Steak

Taitung has plenty of steak restaurants. The Trump Steak House shut down recently, but it wasn’t worth bothering with anyway. The best steak I ever had in Taitung was at the Gaya Hotel across from the Mos Burger.

  1. French

There’s a place in Dulan called Dulan Crap. Really, I’m not making that up. I’m not a big eater of French cuisine so this is the only one I know about.

  1. Fish and Chips

There’s a fish and chips place in Dulan, just off Highway 11. The name is escaping me right now but it’s not bad.

  1. Anything else?

If anyone thinks of any other restaurants/categories let me know.


I haven’t been but there is a new place next to Carrefour. Pita sandwiches with chicken or falafel. Also they have poutine.

I think you mean that new place with the gym on the second floor. I’ve looked over their menu, but haven’t eaten there yet. Looked like small portions.

That’s the one.

I am still seeking a Vietnamese place that I like. There is a little one on Fujian road near the Sunday night market that I want to check out.

We usually go to the one on Geng Sheng Road, near Shin Sheng Elementary. It’s kind of dirty sometimes though.

I don’t think I’ve tried that one, will put in on the list.

I like Pizza Factory in Taitung. Wagaligong pizza nothing special, but cool place to hang out especially backpackers.

Cookies Kitchen in Dulan has well prepared Mexican. He puts his heart into it as best he can in small town. Kasa Cafe used to have some.

Dulan Crap is good but is a crap shoot on being open, like most places in Dulan. He is open about 3 days per week on weekends, if he is in the mood and other issues are not distracting.

Spanish Tapas
Dulan Cape, on the beach cliffs behind Dulan Crap and the gas station, has pretty good tapas and amazing great view. Usually closed by dark.

For a quick fix, Sushi Express in basement of Carrefour.

Damn they win just by their name.

And anywhere in Dulan wins by just being OPEN when you go there.

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Yup. Very laid back shops in Dulan. Hang around a few days and you learn why because there’s almost no one around.

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Most are retired foreigners probably, cooking when they feel like that day!

Forgot about the Pizza Factory. I haven’t been there in a while.

Dulan Cape? You mean the Cape Cafe? Still haven’t been there. I get an earful of their staff drama from a certain friend though. That place is about as “Dulan” as you can get.

I haven’t been to Kasa in about a year, but last time I was there the service sucked. They also weren’t serving food, unless you count microwaved nachos.

Thanks for the suggestions!

都蘭海角咖啡 Dulan Cape Café. The food is decent.

Staff drama related to work or drama outside of work? The staff seems younger than most foreigners hanging around Dulan. Not sure if they working legal or not. Some other places in Dulan have work for room but not sure if that legal either.

Kasa changed owners or something so maybe not good food. But cool place for drinks.

I heard one of the girls working there vicariously got a job at a place in town. One of my friends does menial stuff at the Cape Cafe, but as I heard it it’s nothing related to food or drinks. Sounded like a lot of people were hanging on by their fingernails up there.

Yes, it changed owners. Dave, the guy who opened the place, is long gone as far as I know. He still comes back to visit from time to time. I kind of sort of know the lady whose family owns Kasa now. She’s nice, but that cousin she lets work the bar is the worst bartender ever.

You ever get out to Texas Joe’s? Most people I know go either there, G Nite, or Tie Hua. That, or the big Family Mart on the corner of Sse Wei and Chuan Guang. A lot of us used to frequent Kasa back in the day, but I haven’t heard of anyone going there in a while.

Dulan Crap serves nice French food…

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All those OK for a drink. Problem with Texas Joe’s is location and avoiding driving after drinking. Been stopped by DUI checkpoint 3 times in last year or so in Taitung Dulan area. Better to drink within walking distance of hotel.

Lot’s of drunk foreigners roaming the streets on weekends!

This thread makes me miss @dulan_drift .


Anyone know what now occupies the space at Tiehua that used to be Big O Pizzeria? Thanks.

Those checkpoints are definitely an issue. A lot of guys I know in town avoid drinking in Dulan for this reason. Probably the same for guys/girls up in Dulan.

Nothing there now.