Someone argued with me on facebook messenger and wants to sue me now

OMG…someone I’ve met for 2 years online argued with me in English on Facebook. Now, he said he wants to sue me for harassment. He said he wants to see me in the court. I wonder if he is gonna win. I guess not. About two years ago, he was a normal person. Now, he got some mental problems. He drinks a lot. He went to jail about 3 months ago for riding his scooter while he was intoxicated. He was ordered to pay 90,000NT, but he couldn’t pay. So, he was asked to do community services. I argued with him because he is always saying nonsensical things when he is drunk. He owes 1 year of child support. So, his ex forbids him to see his son. He asked me to marry him to revenge his ex. I got really tired of tolerating his erratic behavior. I don’t really have to. That’s why I argued with him and blocked him. Now, he insists he wants to sue me because I called him loser and ugly. I guess he wants to take money from me because he has nothing. He is 50 years old and doesn’t have a job for 5 years. He got money for rent because his brother sends him money. I have never met him in person, only online. I know he doesn’t have qualifications to be my friend (some people said it). But, I felt sorry for him because everyone ignores him about a year ago. So, I was only treating him like a human. He would speak to me normally before. That’s why I know a lot about him. But, he is going too far now.

What qualifications does one need to be your friend ? And, which qualifications does this guy have(or not have) ?

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Doesn’t sound like he has money or brains to get a lawyer.

Sounds like he just repeating some recent stories he saw on TV or news.


You could say you were just joking.

But I suggest just disappearing from his life.


Sue you for what? Calling him names on FB? He’s bluffing. Block him and move on.

He doesn’t even have money for legal representation lol.


I only said it because some people always ask me why I still keep in touch with him while everyone ignores him. Actually, I met him because another friend of mine knows him. He would visit him on weekends. They were good friends. But, my friend cut the friendship with him and he didn’t tell me why. I was surprised because they were buddies for almost 10 years. I know about a year ago, all his expats and Taiwanese friends stopped keeping in touch with him. I don’t know what happened. I have never asked why. I don’t agree that one person should be blamed just because everyone ignores him. Sometimes, the society withdraws someone when they can’t use them anymore. This happens. That is why I was the only person who treated him better. But, it bothers me when he sends me messages at 3am in the morning to say nonsensical things.

just print out all his “strange” messages for legal keepsake and then block him

I used to be have friends like that. Haven’t we Don’t we all sometimes?

He said he wants to sue me for sexual harassment because he asked me to marry him and I said “wait in line”.

We do. But, I know he gets upset about something. Then, I feel he is not always friendly. Then, he uses ad-hominem to put me down.

Say you got hacked。

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Not until he says he wants to sue you for sexual harassment because he wants to marry you and you asked him to wait in line.

I think he can sue you, but if it is accepted and if he can win when it is accepted is a different thing.

If he has no real intention to sue you, what he said could be a blackmail depending on how he said it. me think.

He is blocked. But, he was too serious when he said he wants to sue me. I know he is not going to win. But, I don’t deserve going to court because of this type of person.

Often a good reason to add lol after every sentence LOL
I still remember the days we could all tell each other to F off without legal repercussions. Wow how Orwell was right except he should of called it 2018 not 1984

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Screenshot all the weird stuff, then block him.

Counter sue him and drown him in lawyer fees.

Remember that truth is a defense.

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Just screen shot, block and forget, you have much more interesting things to be getting on with in life. If you get a letter for a court appearance then start to deal with it, sound like he’s just trying to hold your attention on him, even if it’s negative. Don’t let him do it to you, just get on with your life.


I think you are right. I asked a couple of friends and printed the screen of the original chat. My friends laughed and said that I have more evidences to sue him. Because most of the time he was the one writing tons of offensive words, profanities and harassment. I don’t know why I am so worried about this. Yeah, he is blocked. I should forget about it.

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