Someone can help me to translate this text in Traditional Chinese?

“有緣再見!” What does it mean? Someone which I’ve meet for some months sent me a text that end with this phrases. Now she is return back at home. What is the true meaning?



Are you not trusting the translation? Or are you seeking some deeper meaning? :thinking:

We’ll meet again if it’s meant to be. It’s a destiny type statement, very common here.



Do you mean you’re here and she has now left? Or she’s returned here? Or something else?

There’s a meaning behind?

The first one

Sounds pretty normal then. She hopes to meet you again if fate allows it. It’s hard to read any deeper meanings into it without more context. As suggested above it could be an indirect way of saying that she doesn’t really expect to meet you again. If I was interested I’d want to hear something more like “I will definitely see you again as soon as possible”. But as also mentioned it’s a common kind of phrasing from a fatalistic people. She may want to see you again but be recognizing that it simply may not be meant to happen given your separation.


“I had a great time on my working holiday, but now it’s time to return to Taiwan and my real boyfriend. Thanks for the memories.”

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有緣再見—> If we’re meant to be, then even the deepest oceans or the highest mountains can’t keep us apart. Love will conquer it all. If not, then please take a look at this video below…


They other alternative could be this!

It looks like you received 好人卡

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Welp, unless you’re trying to reenact the plot of Forrest Gump, you might as well just cut your losses.

Yes this is a good advice. Only time will tell

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It means “see you again, inshallah.”


“Fate will bring us together again.” It’s like a ‘see you later’ with a touch of destiny.

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It means, we’ll see each other again if it’s meant to be. That is, if fate brings us together again. 緣分 is fate or destiny. 再見 means goodbye, but literally translates as “see you again”. So 有緣 is “to have fate”.

Hope that helps.