Something looks different


That seems to be the basic story. There’s no setting that would easily change things at least for the new Latest layout and mobile notification window. Fonts are under our control though, among many other things


Got it.

Interestingly, for mobile users, now there’s two new actions:

  • Swiping right brings the notification panel on right
  • Sweeping left brings the “hamburger menu” panel on left


Pretty cool


I have to view forumosa on 110% because the font is too small!!!

Change it back :confused:


Desktop version still has all the serifs.


What’s “desktop version”?
It’s different on notebooks?

Yeah, it went back to the serif font after a couple hours.


He means desktop OS like Windows as opposed to a mobile OS like android


Don’t worry, @Rocket. I got this.


The space between post headers is too large.


Have to spend more time scrolling, to read the same number of post headers. That means more time spent on a Discourse site. Being cynical, is that their intention?


Another change: the system keeps editing out quotes from other posters in my posts. It’s really annoying.


Happened to me on mobile last night, but seems to be working on the desktop/notebook version.


It’s happening to me about 75% of the time on desktop.


I haven’t been able to duplicate it. What browser are you using?




Hmm, me too. Still happening?


Off and on.


Did the font size just get larger? And Change?


Not that I can see


The topic headers changed in size.