South African woman missing in Changhua county

19 is not young. 9 is young.

Nobody cares when I go missing :frowning: Really nice picture though. Maybe she can get a modeling gig if she is ok. Sincerely hope she is found.

She turned up at a police station.

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Another “news article” that reads as if it was originally Mandarin and then filtered into English through Google Translate.

Honestly, so glad she was found safe and sound. it could have ended pretty bad. Yes, it is safe in Taiwan but don’t push your luck.

You mean she turned up again at a police station? Safe and all limbs still attached?

Frankly she sounds like her own worst enemy. Life tip: don’t get paralytic in an unfamiliar city with nobody to watch your back, especially if you’re young and female.


Cute girl, good she’s found safe. Funny the police didn’t try to find someone at the place she wanted to be and just left her there. Drunk as a skunk she was, not that skunks are known to drink to excess.

Hopefully she learns a lesson from this and doesn’t send police on another wild goose chase for her drunk ass again in the future.

She turned up at a police station but her friend said that was fake news and she wasn’t at the police station. Sounds like a bang up job all round.

After I read the original post, I had a feeling it was all fake. Was I alone?

I don’t know who I’d trust less to tell the truth; drunk girl’s buddy, or Taiwanese police. Probably a coin flip.

All I know is you pull this shit in many other places, you’ll be missing or worse for a while. She should really have a little bit more awareness being in a foreign country with no ability to speak or knowledge of the area. I also feel like she also gets a pass because it’s some poor helpless girl. A foreign guy would have been shit on for this kind of thing and I’ve seen my fair share of those coming here thinking it’s some 3rd world Asian country making a fool of themselves.


I’ll only give her a bit of a pass because she’s 19 and I did stupid shit at that age too (albeit not this stupid). If she were 29 I’d tell her to gtfo the island. Hopefully she smartens up.

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On the bright side, at least she wasn’t driving a car.

… on the left side of the road!

Oh wait ? ! Are we still driving on the wrong side of the road in Taiwan ? :thinking:

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I’d just start a list with the foreigners that have disappeared without a trace, the ones that have had suspicious accidents, the ones recruited into selling their bodies…or simply had a deadly accident while drunk. The latter is quite long.

Can you give a link to such incident? Suspicious accidents?

You can find some here discussed in Forumosa. Yes, sh** does happen, alcohol may or may not be involved.

I remember a similar thing happened to a guy here. Someone’s boyfriend visiting and the gf was posting all over Facebook that she hasn’t seen or heard from him in hours in the middle of the night. Everyone was joking along the lines of he’s probably partying or getting a special message at the KTV. The same post for this girl on Facebook you see all these guys concerned and looking for her (probably because she’s semi attractive) and I got flamed for making a joke.

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