Spanish classes in Taipei City

My friend is looking for a Spanish class buxiban in Taipei City. Does anyone know of a school?

My friend has stipulated that it’s a buxiban-type set up that’s required. No privates.

Please post here if you think you can help.

Thanks much!

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I think you can take Spanish classes at Shida.

CIEL cares enough to have a real native speaker translate their Web site (still in process, not yet up though) so to me this means their quality might be pretty good…

I haven’t studied there, but a school that actually cares about correct English on their Web site gives me a good impression.

Thank you very much for the link Ironlady. I’ll pass on the info.

The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC), 170 Hsin hai Rd, Sec 2. (on NTU campus) They teach classes in English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

A friend and I want to improve on our basic Spanish ability. Very basic. Any suggestions for a good Spanish teacher?


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There’s a sort-of recreation center/school on Guanqian Road, across from the Main Station – it’s kind of diagonally across from the McDonald’s. They offer Spanish, French, Shanghaiese, Cantonese, and lots of other cool classes. Worth checking out.

where is a leanguage center that give spanish class

If you’re a complete beginner I can teach you Spanish pronunciation almost for free. You just buy the coffee, beer or food. The benefit for me is the practice I get. I offer the same for French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Turkish and Japanese (romanised). I can teach English and Chinese, too, but you have to pay me for that.

If you know Chinese, listen to the Spanish lessons on Education Radio every afternoon at 1430.

The YMCA on Guan3qian2 Road, behind the Mitsukoshi, across from the Main Station, has Spanish classes. Their semester just started this week, so you can still join no problem. Tuition is about 2500, and meets once a week (you have several days to choose from) for three hours. Very low-pressure.

They also offer French, German, Shanghaiese, Cantonese, and lots of other cool classes. I really like this place…check it out :discodance:

Yea, I have this same question. Im looking for someone to tutor me once a week mostly just for conversation practice. Do you know if the ymca has some latin american native speakers for tutoring?

well, the teacher i had there was south american/taiwanese (which made talking to her really weird, cuz I always wanted to speak Chinese, even though she can’t really speak it).

i have a feeling she’d be willing to tutor you, or at least recommend you to one of her friends. you should go over there and check it out (maybe crash one of the classes and talk to the teacher afterwards), or I can probably get you and my old teacher in contact.

spanish schools ? or class here in taipei any info …thanks

Depens on what you are looking for. There are several bushibans that offer evening or afternoon lessons, let’s say something basic, for you to grasp a basic concept and be able to enjoy your travels more. The China Youth Corps -Taipei Station-has an extensive program, quite affordable, too.

Community colleges are also offering courses, often taught by native speakers. Then there are the open programs at universities like Taida or Tamkang, but those will demand more of your time.

There are plenty of native Spanish speakers offering individual lessons that you can tailor to your needs. See the boards at Shida, Fuda or any of the major universities for that.

Dragonbabe said that one of her English students (a kid) also wants to learn Spanish. The available classes around town are probably geared toward adults (correct me if I’m wrong); so I guess this kid would need a one-on-one tutor. Are there any native or highly fluent non-native speakers here interested? Or are there any Spanish bushiban or community activity center classes in town geared toward kids? Gracias!