🏃 Sports - Sad State of US Sports

Sad state of US sports.
Only thing worth watching is the NFL.

New York Post : Analytics, universal DH are dragging down baseball.

UFC is exciting, or is that not American? Maybe Asian


Definitely, but I’d consider it a worldwide sport.

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In the meantime, maybe football is not so sad, as there is a new football league.

United States Football League (2022) - Wikipedia.


NBA, NFL and UFC is what I watch now. I am more excited about NFL and UFC than NBA until the playoffs. I say still pretty good. I can’t live without sports though.

Nonsense. People are always bitching about baseball. Too long, too few homers, too many homers. Blah blah


Pretty sure this should be about the sad state of Taiwanese sports. I seriously thought there were enough people that understand the science these days.

On the bright side, we can always compare it to soccer. Soccer makes any sport look good.

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Women’s soccer is brilliant. Much rather watch that than the bitchy whiny floppy men.

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Waaah waaah waaah

Analytics are fun. They’re a main reason I still watch sports.


World Baseball Classic is coming back. And Taiwan is hosting…anyone planning to go?


Analytics and sports gambling go hand in hand. It’s no wonder they’ve both had exponential growth and acceptance.

Yeah if you wanna go broke.

Whoever wrote that article an idiot.


I agree about the poor DH rule change and the ebonics.

I’d rather they make pitchers hit all the time in both leagues and use proper English. The NBA ruined itself with rule changes. MLB is next.

The DH is better. Bill James said it long ago. Having a professional hitter (DH) in the lineup actually adds to the strategy. And that’s the main reason NL fans like the pitcher hitting. they think it requires more strategy about when to pull the pitcher or do a double switch. However, it ends up with managers making more obvious forced moves overall.
Bartolo Colon is up with a runner on. He’s bunting. No runner on? He’s striking out. It’s the seventh inning, and your pitcher is not even in the on deck circle…because… why? Because again, it’s an obvious decision.
If pitchers took batting seriously, things would be different, but there are precious few Walter Johnsons or Babe Ruths around these days.
I watch pro sports to see greatness. If they had a rule that said each team had to have a girl in their batting order, people would tune out. We want to see pro hitters. If we wanted to see non professional hitters flailing away, we’d watch Little League or play Wii with Ama.


Our favorite player of all time.


Oh. Really?

That’s disrespectful to women. :joy:

Oi u go catch that flyball there, innit mate?

The Guardian ran a piece a couple of days ago arguing that the women’s 2022 win was more important than 1966.

They’re waiting for the first million pound women’s transfer. Trevor Francis was 1979. One of the lionesses is already back at work as a barista.

What the lionesses did was great, but a degree of realism is needed.