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Alright, so the idea is to have multiple entrances to this 80m wide tunnel from different locations within the dome ?

Google map shows the dome is surrounded by big roads on 3 sides. Why not just have multiple exits to these big roads ?

The dome has an underground congress hall.

Who goes to shopping malls in 2018. All these plans were made before e-commerce took over the island. We already have a bazillion malls in xinyi and a new one opening at Nanshan plaza

You can’t evac to roads, you have to evac to open space. 30,000 peeps pouring onto Zhongxiao E. Rd? You is having a giraffe innit?

I see the problem. Insufficient space for evacuation was provided due to the construction of the shopping center. Normally stadiums will have plenty of open space around them to handle the crowds better.

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This ridiculous dome is one of the reasons Ko was elected mayor back in 2014. Enough was enough! Four years later, the question is: OK, now what?


Evacuating underground, let’s see what could be the problem with that? :thinking:


All that ruling does is refreeze the on-going construction. Since Taipei City can’t tear down the structure, and Farglory can’t continue with their construction, and definitely won’t be able to build according to blue print by now… Farglory would just re-submit design change for approval, and this wold likely go on for another 4 years…

Why not?
If it doesn’t follow the approved blueprint shouldn’t the city just tear it down, restart it and make Farglory pay for the costs/damages?

P.S.: Apologies if this was answered in this thread before. There are 90+ posts and I only ran through it.

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I think the problem is that bringing it down will weaken/damage Songshan Cultural Park even more.

There are two main reasons why the city can’t tear it down.

  1. I think tearing it down would violate the contract, and put Taipei city in debt having to pay a fine to Farglory instead. It is absolutely ridiculous that the contract would be drawn this way, having the city pay a fine to the construction company that refuses to build by specification, but that’s in the contract made by the previous KMT mayors…

  2. Farglory has repeatedly claimed that tearing down the structure would cause structural damage to the MRT below, as Icon has mentioned above.

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after this has been dealt with are they going to move on to other illegal buildings in taipei? theres quite a few of them…

Another poorly planned KMT project was Beitou cable car, which employed much of the same tactics as Farglory did in the Taipei Dome project, smuggling design changes during evaluation, construction without approval, and general corruption. In that case, involved parties actually got sentenced.

The project was in limbo until Mayor Ko announced to terminate it, which also resulted in paying a fine for breaching the contract. The fine is said to be upwards to 300 million NTD.


Where do you even start with this whole project, the title of this thread seems appropriate.

I’m attempting to explain Mayor’s Ko’s dilemma of letting Farglory do whatever they want or terminate the project and pay for the repercussion using a similar case he is facing as an example.

While Ko has declared that he wish to terminate Beitou cable car, technically the project is still limping along, as they haven’t reached an agreement on the fines that Taipei City would need to pay.

That’s exactly what Farglory would do with Taipei Dome, and it would all spell disaster for Ko’s political career, as the majority of voters aren’t clued in enough to realize the fault lies with the construction companies and previous administrations. They would only view the long drawn out process as a sign of Ko’s ineffectiveness.

By the way, Ko might be fine with paying 300 million NTD for violating the contracts of Beitou cable car, but Taipei Dome’s fine would be closer to 35 billion NTD, thus making Ko much less inclined to go down that route.

That’s just a fucking joke. They secretly changed the blueprints in a way that put profit over people’s safety. The executive should be in prison


You can’t just change the blueprints and nobody notice… $$$ beIng thrown everywhere.

Prosecuted , sentenced to 4 years jail time, suspended sentence upon appeal.


Then same guy again. Anybody know what happened in this one ?

Seems to be out on bail


I didn’t realize the capacity will be 60,000. Doesn’t look that big. Sure will be a nightmare for traffic and MRT during events.

Who’s going to come to Taiwan that can fill 60,000 seats?