Spotify in Taiwan

Does anyone use the Premium version? I currently subscribe to Apple Music through my US iTunes account for $9.99/month. I actually find the playlists quite decent for finding new/long-forgotten music. I noticed some promos for Spotify where there’s a few months free and then I can pay 149NT/month for a subscription. Is there some reason I shouldn’t go for that, like the Taiwanese Spotify has a crippled selection or something?

if you just have to have Taylor Swift songs in your list, then you won’t find any on Spotify. Don’t know if they are available in iTunes though.

I’m subscribed and pay the 149NT a month.

The one gripe I may have is that I have noticed is that there’s some lesser known Mandarin songs are not on premium. Other than that, I really really like the Discover Weekly playlist I get and getting songs by just a quick search. Adding to playlists has never been easier too.

The price is what really got me sucked in. 149NT for unlimited plays, downloads and I also bought a Google home, so I can play Spotify music through that.

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Haha I think she is back on there now though… since like 1 week ago.

Much better than Apple Music. I love how it runs on everything, syncs across everything and you can control playback from multiple devices seamlessly.

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Spotify is awesome and dirt cheap. It has everything I ever searched for.

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Ditto on Discover Weekly playlists and the fact that it’s just 149 NTD a month. Also, it’s more cross-platform, I believe, than Apple Music. For that amount, not only do you get unlimited subscription, but you also get to enjoy premium listening on a Mac OS, an Android device, an IOS device, or a Windows-powered laptop. I also love it’s kinda-like Handoff feature that lets you quickly switch listening from one device to another. It’s really good.

I also noticed that Spotify compresses its music files in a way that enhances it. So never mind if your speakers sound like a can, Spotify will tweak songs to make it sound more…bearable.

i love spotify., it got me into music again!

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Just signed up for Spotify for the first time (Premium). Any suggestions about using it? Any features that you discovered months later and thought “Oh damn, I wish I’d known that ages ago”?

My main goal with it is just for it to know what kind of music I like, and then play for hours and hours based on my tastes - but with a genre mix in that playlist, so that reggae will be followed by musicals will be followed by punk and so on, and a mix of stuff I know and stuff I don’t know. But the problem that I always encounter with these sorts of services is that I don’t want to tell them I like heavy metal (for example), but rather that I like good heavy metal - and I suppose it’s not surprising the services can’t handle that.

Oh, and do regions matter? I’ve signed up with the Taiwan service, which is cheaper than the Canada service - what happens when I go to Canada for a month in the summer?

They don’t have many Mando songs because a lot of artists signed exclusivity deals with KKBox. That’s basically KKBox’s only advantage in the market

Is there some music that you get by signing up that you don’t get for free?

It looks like some newly released music may be limited to premium (i.e. paid) for a couple of weeks. Plus I guess playback is different? From what I’ve read, if you’re on mobile with a free account, you’ve got a few limits: you can only play albums the way Spotify wants you to, for example.

But I just signed up for Premium without trying Free at all, so I don’t have direct experience of the differences.

I have no idea what sorts of differences there are across countries, apart from price. EDIT: And catalogue. The catalogue’s going to be different too.

Chinese songs are crap anyway.

Spotify is so cheap here and the service is so good. Just pay the 149

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I paid for the full year in advance a few weeks ago.

It came out to something like 125NT/month, which is an epic steal.

Sucks about the shortage of Asian pop not being on there, but there’s so much to choose from I kind of forget some songs and artists aren’t on there.

KKBox streaming is the goto in Taiwan for Asian music.

I’ve never used it, but does it have any intl artists/English songs on it?

Mostly asian by far, but some channels will have only the current top Intl/English. Not much variety really. And some Intl club music. A lot of local clubs, bars, coffee shops have KKBox playing in the background music. Even if you’re hearing Intl or maybe some jazz or blues or feel-good music, it might be KKBox streaming.

It was free or partially free for a long time, but it’s so popular now that I think they quit giving free.

I’m listening to Spotify Taiwan Top 50. Less than 10 are local or in Chinese. The rest are the same top 50 around the world.

Doesn’t seem right. Wonder how they calculate. Maybe they only use listener data, which means most people that listen to Chinese music aren’t using Spotify which makes sense because KKbox and others are more popular in Taiwan.

Has anyone had a problem getting Spotify to work on their phone? I had it running fine for a while after setting up a free Spotify account and after four or five months the app crashed and when I restarted it couldn’t play anything. Ever. At all.

What gets weird is that I contacted Spotify help and their computers insisted my phone’s IP was in Australia, not Taipei, and that for some reason maybe Spotify thought I was in Taiwan but my account was…in Australia? Where I’ve never been?

I checked out my account, it’s set to Taiwan, you name it. But it’s dead in the water. Has anyone else had this problem?

EDIT: If you’re wondering why I don’t just subscribe, I have no idea how to. I tried a while back and it nixed my British card payments–again, because I was in the wrong country.