Star Wars Discussion Thread 2017


The name of Episode 8 has been announced, and it is…

(To some, this may be a spoiler, so just in case):

The Last Jedi


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And really? The title itself is a spoiler? Isn’t another thread already talking about it? OK:

[spoiler]The Last Jedi.

Ah, but is that Jedi singular, or Jedi plural? And why has the title been displayed in red this time, not yellow? Is it Luke, or Rey, or both, or neither? Or are they simply talking about the last to arrive at a dinner party?[/spoiler]


I really wish they would do it like how they did 4-6 first and went and did 1-3. I want to see qui gonn jin and yoda, young obiwan before skywalker.


I was just rewatching TFA yesterday, and Snoke refers to Luke Skywalker as “the last jedi” several times.

In that regard, there are not many possible interpretations.


Rumors are saying they’re doing more standalone movies, like Rogue One. Patience.

[spoiler]The Last Jedi

They went from “Force Awakens”, to “The Last Jedi”. I think someone important is going to die…again.

My theory goes towards, Luke is actually training a fleet of Jedi, who are “the last Jedi” in the universe.

If it’s a group of Jedi, can we theorize Luke has other padawan learners or maybe his padawan learners are the Knights of Ren? Who all got seduced to the dark side?[/spoiler]


Woody Harrelson was recently revealed to be playing Han Solo’s mentor in the new Han Solo spinoff. The guys who directed The Lego Movie are working on it.


But is Luke even a Jedi? He never completed training lol


Yoda: No more training do you require. Already know you, that which you need.

Luke: Then I am a Jedi.

Yoda: No. Not yet. One thing remains. Vader. You must confront Vader. Then, only then, a Jedi will you be. And confront him you will.

And confront him he did. So yes, Luke was a card-carrying Jedi at the end of ROTJ.


One of the biggest things that never quite made sense to me. He had, what, two weeks of training with Yoda? Or did he go back to Dagobah between Empire and RotJ?


It never says how long he trained with Yoda. It happened as the Millennium Falcon was flying without hyperdrive to another system, so it may have been a long long time. He did pass a major trial by facing Vader the first time and resisting his temptations to rule the galaxy and remaining faithful to the light side. Then at some point he was able to self-train (original script has him returning to Obi-Wan’s hovel on Tatooine and learning from his books and records, as well as meditation and practice), and he was able to construct his own lightsaber. Then he used Jedi powers to help rescue Han from Jabba’s clutches.


Cool, I didn’t know that was in the original script. I’d developed a head canon where some self study was involved.

Man Star Wars physics is wack. The journey from Hoth to Cloud City was without any hyperdrive?! So it should’ve taken a few hundred years or so. Yeah, that would’ve been enough time.


Yeah, the Star Wars Galaxy is subject to different physics. Interstellar sublight travel, sound in space, Roche Limit having no effect in planetary systems, and so on. But… they’re just fantasy movies! They have magical wizards (Jedi) even!


Luke to me isn’t a true jedi, confronting vader was basically him being emotional and leaving before his training was complete so it was kinda a compromise from Yoda in my eyes. He does not act like like a traditional Jedi, maybe a grey Jedi. He full of emotions and is cocky in many points in his ability like his father.


Don’t know if it matters to you, but The Expanse is the first sci-fi show I recall seeing that tries to pay attention to gravity. Season 1 starts slow but picks up pace; Season 2 starts in a week or two, and will hopefully be on Netflix here.


Luke Skywalker: The Last Highlander Jedi = confirmed



What makes a true Jedi though? One that starts as a young padawan learner and becomes a Jedi Knight? Whereas Luke kind of skipped everything and became a Jedi knight?

I’ve seen ESB and ROTJ countless numbers of times and have NEVER thought of this. Can we say it’s another plot hole?


So the trailer just dropped!


Looking good!


Maybe it’s because they are still working on it, but I think Rogue One is more visually stunning.