Star Wars Discussion Thread 2017


I mean it comes out in 8 months. I would assume the filming is done? Maybe the digital stuff is not yet polished?


Principal filming has been done for several months; indeed, it was done before Carrie Fisher died. They’re well into post-production now, and there’s still 8 months to go. It looks good so far. Hopefully it won’t be hokey.


I’m going to watch every trailer once to keep the hype at a personal low. I over watched the Avengers 2 trailer and was epically let down when I saw it.

I like how the teaser did nothing but raise more questions. The suspense is reaaal.

My guess is, the plot will follow the original trilogy… A New Hope saw an old mentor die, so did Force Awakens. Empire strikes back saw limbs getting cut off and so will The Last Jedi.

Pretty epic to hear Luke’s first words since 1983. Without looking it up, what were Luke’s last words in Return of the Jedi? My guess is he tells Leia “Yeah, I’m ok” at the bonfire scene after he burns Anakin’s body.


I’m SO stoked for this. Going to see it at least 3 times I’m guesstimating, one of those times must be at Disney Studios. Movies like these makes me appreciate my job so much, and makes said job’s lack of consistent health insurance suck a little less.

So apparently at Star Wars celebration the adult Anakin actor has been met with unusually warm reception. Who wants to see force ghost Anakin in the new movies? Mwahaha


Never understood this Star Wars saga. Not to offend anyone but never liked it.


Not sure why anyone could/should feel offended by other people’s opinion over a movie ?_?

Unless maybe George Lucas was an undercover user of this forum.



It is better to expressively say it rather than bearing the brunt later on. You never know.


Do you mean you don’t get the story or you don’t like it?


Maybe graceinc’s only seen eps 1-3?


I found an edited version of episode one that had jar jar and any story arcs with him removed. It was actually fairly good without jar jar.


Under 200 days to go…


I. Can’t. Wait.

If Rey turns Sith/breaks bad it’ll confirm all my theories, mwahahaaha:

Btdubs, episode 8 is titled The Last Jedi, i.e. Luke. Oh snap :wink:.


If she’s a sith spy, that means Finn is the…the last Jedi. You heard it here first.

You can’t have the bad guys winning in a Star Wars movie. That just doesn’t happen.


What do you guys think of the Ron Howard/Han Solo spin-off news? Relieved/worried?


He is the mind behind Apollo 13, but I saw that as more of a thriller than action sci-fi adventure.

I’m a little concerned, sci-fi doesn’t seem to be his field of expertise, however, I’m sure Disney/Lucasfilm won’t let the film suck.


I’m concerned that the franchise will become Marvelized.


I have to say I’m not really a fan of prequels of any kind in any franchise, especially when the main characters are going to be a rehashing of original characters.


Didn’t you like Rogue One? Or were you one of those people, hehe.


What do you mean by Marvelized…


Becoming like the Marvel franchise, with dozens of movies of inconsistent quality and style being made. Fanfic on the big screen.