Star Wars Discussion Thread 2017


I enjoyed Rogue one, mostly because knowing how much sacrifice the rebels made to retrieve the Death Star plan made the destruction of it in Episode V feels more meaningful.

Rogue one also didn’t feature any main characters from the original trilogies as its main character. I especially like how sparingly they used Vader, and when they used him it was frigging amazing.

That said, the movie has many glaring flaws…


I’m actually afraid of this too. To be very honest, I only see Marvel movies to make sure I don’t fall behind on the entire timeline. I was kind of reluctant to see Dr. Strange since…I had no clue who he was and why he was so important to the timeline.

As for Han Solo. Lots of fans have been wanting to see a story about him and Disney is finally giving it to us. The switch over to Howard, I think we’ll see a good movie, but I’m concerned about the action.


I think the real issue is nobody other than Harrison Ford has any business playing Han Solo.


We used to think that of Leonard Nemoy. Zachary Quinto convinced us.

Of course do not get me started on the reboot, but sigh people do not last forever. That is why we have so many Bonds.


OMGOMG :scream::scream:


The ultimate bad guy is Sloth:



Afetr watching the trailer a couple of extra times:

It looks a lot darker than TFA. And I’m not talking about the mood or the tone, I’m literally talking about the colors. TFA was very colorful, maybe a bit too much for my taste. This one looks great to me, with the exception of the CGI animals that just look like cartoons. Starships and AT-AT look amazing (no idea what’s the name of this new variant of walker).

Very interested to see how they develop the story. I have the feeling they’ll be following the tone of the original trilogy. A single movie usually has a first act (introduction, setup), a second act (heroes/main characters are at their lowest) and a final third act. The original trilogy applied this concept considering each movie as a single act, and the second act of that trilogy was The Empire Strikes Back which was pretty rough for all the heroes.


I saw a bit about John Boyega talking about Ep IX and I guess he was quoted as saying it would be “the war to end all wars.”


Can anyone honestly say they can watch episode 7 more than 1-2x? Even 1-3 I can still bare to watch. Now the hype is over and time has passed. Disney really failed to capture the magic of Star Wars. It was a total mistake that Luke and Han Solo never met. I would have been fine if Han got killed off if Luke and Leah was there. That needed to happen for us Star Wars fans to hit home Han is dead. His death feels so empty the way they did it.

I’m also annoyed Disney made a lot of other material non canon. Star Wars has a rich back story way beyond the skywalkers. I hate that they continued with the skywalkers timeline.

The fist order is a joke. Like I don’t feel like they’re the powerful force they’re suppose to be. How can Rey become so powerful in days when it took anikan, the most force sensitive person in the universe years and even Luke years of training to even come close.

How Rey and Han met felt so unnatural. They just happen to find the lost milliunum felcon and stumble upon Han? The story makes even less sense in continuing from 4-6 to 1-3 if you really think about it.


You give them to much credit. They’re probably just going to put stupid characters like captain Phasma and stupid weapons and starship helmets to sell merchandise.

Like poe. The best starfighter pilot who resisted kylo ren and pulls off an epic escape. Crashed. Magically appear and no one seems to wonder how and just moved on but here…take this cool jacket and let’s make a shit load of merchandise about the jacket.


I have seen it, like 8 times. Just last week, in fact.

As someone who has, literally, grown up with the franchise, I disagree with you 100%

Is it safe to assume you are not a Star Wars fan?

To me, it would have been a mistake to include Luke earlier in the film. A bold, and brave move that, to me, paid off in spades.

I think they should have just left Han out, altogether. Given Harrison Ford’s disdain for the character over the years, having him in it, just cheapened the whole experience. It did not advance the plot in anyway, but just set him up to die. Good riddance, I guess. Other than that, the movie fired on all cylinders for 2 solid hours.


No. I’m a huge Star Wars fan. First movie I ever saw in a theater. Why would you assume that when I’m upset about materials being non canon now?don’t think even most Star Wars fans know much outside the movies.

I’m more interested in the lore outside of the skywalkers timeline. Id rather see qui gon jinn before anikan. There’s been jedis and time periods way more interesting than the empire and outside of anikans turn to Vader.

I’d also like to see more about each persons relationship with the force. The movie acts like either you have or don’t have the force and if you do you can just do force things like mind tricks. How each person taps and studies and uses the force is really interesting and makes up interesting jedis and force sensitive individuals that often conflict with each other. The definition of a Jedi and sith, light and dark have often been blurred. Qui gon would be a good example as a “grey” Jedi who conflicted with the council.

The only time you see Jedis going through training and learning and understanding their own way of the force is actually only in now the only canon material the clown Wars cartoon. Even the way they build their own light sabers. Fighting styles is never ever even mentioned in the movies. Did anyone know count dooku is probably the best duelist with a few like yoda that can even compare when anikan and obiwan went and confronted him? That’s not even mentioned. That added a lot to the story. And how anikan switched up his style the 2nd confrontation to beat dooku. Non of this is ever in the movie.


Can we stop mentioning characters introduced in the prequels? It gives me ptsd.


@Andrew0409 I’ve already lost count on how many times I’ve seen it. It was magical every…single…time.

I also disagree with you 100%. You may be the one of very few in the galaxy that did not like TFA.

You expect them to meet, but JJ doesn’t give it to you. Which, I think adds to the suspense. It would’ve been just another straight forward movie plot if they said, “I don’t know where Luke is” at the beginning of the movie and then by the end the trio meet. Play homage you say? The movie isn’t really supposed to be centered around the old cast, despite the old cast being top billed over the new characters.

I think we had a similar discussion in the EP7 thread, but the trilogies were always about the Skywalker family tree, I’m not surprised that the new trilogy will not revolve around a Skywalker. It was a good idea not to include any canon because fan backlash would’ve been…bad. “Why did you choose story A instead of story B time line?”

A lot of people think how Rey is OP is a major plot hole, but it’s just a teaser of what’s to come. I wouldn’t be asking how, I would be asking WHY?

You sure? :laughing:

I know, I know, I’m just nitpicking.


Because Rey is a girl and if in the first Star Wars movie in a decade she got her ass kicked by Kylo Ren there would have been “people” setting Disney stores on fire in order to protest against the patriarchy.


I thought it was ok. But mostly I just disagree with the direction of many plot lines Disney went with. It just seemed like nothing really surprised me and too many wtf moments like captain phasma and Hey cool you’re alive Poe. Let’s move on.


Well, it is almost a mirror plot of ANH.

I’m glass half full about our Force Awakens questions and WTFs being answered in Last Jedi.


I was going to say that. I think depending on the next movie. I’m either going to just completely hate it or like it more.

Still, I’m not that happy that they made everything non canon outside of the movies the the clone wars cartoon. Even the games kights of the old republic was pretty damn good in terms of story.


I believe sagas like Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and even the Marvel series has canon or alternative universes. I haven’t personally read or looked into the first two, but a lot of Marvel movies have nods to alternative universes.

I think for those SW canon fans, a nod to some of the stories would be cool, but under big brother Disney, I don’t see that happening.


As an animal lover and after reading William Shatner’s tweets: