Star Wars Discussion Thread 2017


I actually enjoyed the clone wars cartoon more than 1-3. They took the time to actually make anakins turn more understandable. And explored more into windu, yoda and Dooku. I guess for me. Obi wan is not really that interesting and a bad choice to train anakin. No one talks about qui gonn, but I think he would have understood anakin better. I wish they did something about the timeline before anakin arrived. There just isn’t much back story into the Jedi council and for me thats more interesting than the rebel va empire with a few jedis. Force sentive people used to have a lot going on. And then Vader happened and the force also weakened for force sensitive people. I don’t think they really explained that well, and now its returned. Outside of calling it force awakens I don’t think most casual fans understood that part.


Yeah, because they had 20 minute episodes every week to explain! Whereas they have to cover a lot in 90-120 minutes in movies.

Yes, 100% true. Don’t forget, in the we-want-to-forget-trilogy, Obi Wan originally didn’t like the idea, but QG was all, “bro, it’ll be alright, he’s older than most padawans, but I’m OG” Then QG got shat on and Obi Wan paid respect to his late master in fulfilling his wishes.

It’s clear that QG was a rule breaker and lived the thug life where Obi Wan was more by the book. Anakin and Obi Wan’s opposite personalities could have been one of the many reasons that lead to Anakin’s downfall.

Do they need to explain all it in Force Awakens? I mean, if you watched the previous 6 movies (3 if you’re @IbisWtf), it’s quite clear why, right?

I think I got it. Maybe you’re more a silver screen junkie than a popcorn movie goer? It seems you like to have things explained and Force Awakens did not do much of that. Nonetheless, that’s what makes these kinds of movies great (also a stupid ass money grabbing marketing ploy to make you watch the following movies, but it is what it is).The suspense and fan theory between movies is what makes it so much more exciting to wait and watch, for me at least.


Have to agree with you there. I’d rather find out how Poe made it back to the resistance.


I hope he’ll have a lot more screen time in TLJ ; he’s supposed to be the ultimate badass pilot and had basically two scenes in TFA. -_-


You know what I’m curious about…whether they introduce romance into the new trilogy.

Rey and Finn have a really weird relationship. They clearly care for each other, but more of a sibling-like relationship than a romantic one. Wait…


What they need is some legit light saber duels. New technology and they haven’t taken advantage of it yet.


Nah, Star Wars was never about the sword duels, but about the meaning of those duels and the way the characters played them out.

I’d be fine to see duels in a similar way to the original movies, and from that point of view what we’ve seen in TFA was pretty spot on; enough special effects to make it look epic, but all the focus was on the characters. That’s a lot better than general grevious (or whatever the f it’s spellt) spinning around like a retarded windmill, or Anakin and Obi Wan fighting for 30 minutes and hovering on lava.


I disagree. Dueling is a huge part of being Jedi and how one channels the force. For example, Dookus style is known as the best for light saber dueling and being smooth and effortless. He’s known as arguably the best duelist of his time, so seeing how effortless his movements was when obiwan and anakin went after him and lost was a huge part of the movie I don’t think people saw. Knowing anakin and obi wan was about to go after him knowing this made my heart pound.

And mace windu uses a dueling style that is frowned upon in the Jedi council. The style he uses channels anger and the duelist emotions into it and taps into some of the grey area or even what some considers the dark side of the force. So knowing that, it was probably the only reason he was able to beat palpatine. In fact Windu has padawans that he tried to train in his style and failed. And that’s why he’s so against anakin. He sees his past failures in anakin.

Dueling and the use of the force is just never really explained at all in any of the movies. It’s actually really interesting.

Grevious is actually really interesting in that he’s one of the few characters in the Star Wars universe that’s not force sensitive and able to wield a light saber. After order 66. He killed and hunted down many jedis. In fact, it’s a huge feat for any Jedi that met him and survived.

Also many may have missed Obi Wans and Anakins higher ground last part. It’s actually an exact same situation when Maul had the higher ground against Obi wan and killed the sith by jumping over him catching the sith of guard. When Obi wan said don’t do it. He knew Anikan was going to do the same thing as they have the same style but he knew exactly how to counter and what to expect and easily cut him down.


The prequels characters = does not compute



It’s reboot time:

Lucasfilm is excited to announce that Johnson will create a brand-new Star Wars trilogy, the first of which he is also set to write and direct, with longtime collaborator Ram Bergman onboard to produce.

As writer-director of The Last Jedi, Johnson conceived and realized a powerful film of which Lucasfilm and Disney are immensely proud. In shepherding this new trilogy, which is separate from the episodic Skywalker saga, Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.

Now you shall know the pain we trekkies felt…


I hate how this hypes up The Last Jedi even more. Like Force Awakens, I’ve limited myself to very minimal watches of the trailers for Last Jedi.

On a side note…Star Wars goodies at 7-11!

Too bad the waffle make rand toaster are already sold out. Less than one week and already sold out…


They have the Death Star and Darth Vader toasters in Yahoo.


That’s cheating, Auntie Peng.


I never buy 711. Hence, not cheating. :rofl:

Oh, and they are way nicer than those portrayed. Big head stuff.




For a second, I thought you were super excited about the mugs and merch…

…then remembered you weren’t even in Asia, let alone, Taiwan.


What, where? Where where where. Promotional free swag?


Likely minimum seeing it 3x in a theater.


Would like to join the “excited for Star Wars” fray. Rian Johnson seemed like a risky choice, even if he did make a few decent movies. But from everything I see, it looks like he may have pulled it off. Dec. 13th can’t come soon enough.