Star Wars Discussion Thread 2017


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I LOVE star war!!! PEWPEW, light saver! dark vader and Luke skyscraper and obi 1 cannoli and r2b2 and 3pco and tobbacca. I love star trek.


I have my IMAX 3D tickets booked for the 16th. Pretty excited. Wish I could get there a bit earlier but it’s fine. I may try to do an internet black out between the 13th and 16th just in case. People were real dicks about spoilers when Force Awakens came out.


I saw a few scenes at Disney a couple of weeks ago. So what happens is Rey meets Luke and a buncha porgs. Adorable sh*t happens. Leia isn’t coming back for Episode 9. Kylo does things. More Captain Phasma & Snoke. Sadness.



(In all seriousness, I will try my best during the first week or two to monitor spoiler discussion for ya :wink: )



Forumosa has a pretty tight group of people that I think would use the spoiler tag or at least use a spoiler thread. I was thinking facebook and reddit, really. They both went crazy with spoilers.


Yeah, new Star Wars movies, and new Game of Thrones episodes, are when I need to go on internet sabbaths (usually just a few hours for GoT). It’s almost impossible to avoid spoilers. Usually I don’t care much about spoilers, but for those two franchises I do.


Actually, people would leave spoilers everywhere. Like, I was reading a recipe or some article about cats and there in the comments, loud and clear: Han Solo dies!


Honestly, any friend on FB who gives spoilers for anything…is not a friend I want. My college roommate is somewhat of a movie junkie and updates his every thought about everything he watches on FB. Stopped following him when GoT season 7 was airing.

I’m pretty excited that we got a little over 7 days left until the movie releases. I’ve stopped watching anything related to SW including appearances on talk shows and any random new teasers they roll out in the last few weeks.


T-mius: 2 days

Argh, Cinemark hasn’t come out with movie times yet.

I have an idea of what the huge twist can be…but I do not even want to think or share it in hopes that I can be wow’d.


Does it involve Captain Kirk? It’s Captain Kirk, isn’t it? Do you think he’s actually going to be Khan?

I’m vaguely planning to see it next Monday morning, because I’m too busy until then.


Any midnight screenings?


My guess…

Luke has given up on the light side and has gone to the dark side.

But that’s is just my guess.


Nah, I think that Rey will join the dark side and possibly kill Luke


I think the earliest screenings are in the afternoon.


I hope it’s none of the above and we can all be awed.


so what day is it out?


Wednesday around 5 pm or so. Got my ticket!


just got back from it. what was the twist then?


Heretic! Star Wars is the one with elves.


So at last we learn who / what Snope is! He’s Chewbacca’s son from the Christmas Special, all grown up and shaved! (Hence the scar.)