Their menu is odd. Corn and cucumber toasted sandwiches, chocolate brownies with raisins in them. Weird stuff like that. I ordered a beef toasted sandwich once and it was indeed a toasted sandwich…with a burger inside. Don’t think I’ve ordered any food there Since, that was the last straw.

Now have reusable cups that look like the traditional cup.

Buy one for $75 and then $10 discount for drinks.

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This may be the most photographed, non-photogenic, spot in Chiayi County with constant stream of people outside doing selfies and group pictures.

Starbucks in small village Minxiong near Chiayi is a new separate building but nothing special besides a drive-thru and a big parking in back. Starbucks Chiayi Minxiong, No. 235, Section 1, Jianguo Road, Minxiong Township, Chiayi County,

The lemon tarts are okay.

Taichung has very good tea chains.

If nothing else around anywhere to eat, the turkey croissant, or the fresh vegetable cup.

Crown is a much better bakery and coffee shop, pity their Taipei expansion didn’t go well. Common in South and Central Taiwan.
Taipei rents are too high.

It’s okay. We also have Master Fang down here in KH, which is… also okay.

The best bakeries are the small independent places, usually run-down and open air with a long line of people hopping off their scooter to get some quick breakfast on the go.

How about this?

’ California cafe Klatch touts US$75 per cup of coffee as world’s priciest’

Bought one today for 1450. It’s special :rofl:

Only 139 more refills and I’ll break even.

Or maybe I’ll just fill it up before I leave the house on my way to Starbucks.

Seems there is another buy one get one day coming up. Please be aware, and safe yourself! Run away!

In hospital I had a couple of nice meals at the Starbucks when I could walk down there

I hate those days. I’d gladly pay the full price not to deal with that line. Taiwanese and their willingness to stand in line for hours just to save a few NTD, I tell ya… A couple weeks ago I saw a line going around the block near where I live. This was in sweltering heat. I thought that maybe a new chain like a Taco Bell or some famous bakery is opening here…but nope, just a generic lunchbox place is giving a second lunchbox for free when you buy one. The lunchbox may be mediocre or worse, but people were lining up for 40 minutes in the heat to save 60 NTD… :man_facepalming:

No, there are no Starbucks in Taipei. There are also no 7-11s, Family Marts or department stores. It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland disco dystopia.

A good way to weed out people from Facebook and Instagram :grin:


So do Pumpkin Spice Lattes show up in Taiwan? I had my first one in Canada about a month ago, and I confess I quite enjoyed it in a “decadent once-a-month-cake pureed into a cup” way. But like Indian masala chai, the pumpkin spice lattes have plenty of cinnamon, and often that spice doesn’t seem to go over well here. Too medicinal, I think?

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I haven’t seen it, unfortunately. I miss it too. Their fall special is some oat latte thing that tastes like shit.

This summer in Canada the press was rather scathing about Starbucks’ early launching of a “fall” product. But it suited me fine, because I’m only ever there in the summer, so this was my first chance to try one!

Oat milk is all the rage!