And a reply, received astonishingly quickly:


Thank you for contacting Starbucks. I just finished reading your email and appreciate your taking the time to share your concerns with us.

XXX, I am sorry to hear the food quality in Taipei stores has changed, and is not what you expected to receive. Starbucks always strives to provide our customers with the food items that they like and how they like them. I apologize since this is not the experience we want to provide you.

I will make sure to share your comments with the proper department, so we can do our best to ensure our quality in your next visit.

Thanks again for writing us. If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Luz M.
Starbucks Customer Care

I wonder if it was written by a bot. :thinking:

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A little AI could whip that out easily. And it would extract the details and roll them up into some big data for management reference.

Yeah, auto-response letters usually arrive “astonishingly quick.” It is generated by a robot after all. “Luz M.” lol…

Except when run by President Chain Store Company. They strive for the highest profit and barely acceptable quality.

And the Starbucks Cinnamon Rolls Suck

I forgot to mention that Starbucks in Taiwan probably includes the ‘ass parking’ fee in their prices.


I guess you need to check more than that.


and the charging all your devices all day long fee.

i’ve started going to cafes earlier than i used to, and i still find most of the good seats are hogged by taiwanese who do little more than charge stuff, watch youtube and play phone games all day. i think you need to get in at 8 or 9 to beat the crowd.

Or strategize and figure out where these guys don’t go…

I’d share with you my secrets, but then they would no longer be secret. : D



the independent places are much less crowded. but i ain’t paying 150 -200 ntd for a drink.

You’re right, you rather pay a big chain 170 NT$, instead of supporting independent shops.

where did 170nt come from? i spend $40NT to get a tea without sugar. i don’t go to starbucks.
you can get a basic tea for less than 50NT in all of the drink shops, but in those independent cafes theres bugger all on the menu for less than 150nt. no thanks.

From a big chain tea shop?
I’d take my own tea then for 4 NT$ a bag, put it in a thermos and go sit in 7-11 all day!

Maybe can reuse Starbucks paper cups, fill with tap water from the sink, and spend nothing.

Or like many really do, bring own thermos bottle.

louisa coffee. as i said, thats around the price of basic tea in every drinks shop, which you can find on every street in taiwan, but yea your joke is pretty funny i guess. hardly anyone drinks tea in taiwan! just take a tea bag HAHAHAha! funny man.

I’ve spent up to six weeks recently in Europe. Been to around 10 different Starbucks stores.

I always order the same thing Americano black coffee. Tastes nice. Then Taiwan whenever I order the same thing it tastes bitter and terrible. I don’t know if because of lower quality coffee by Starbucks Taiwan or they just don’t know how to make it.

I still remember the time when tea was still tea in Taiwan, now it’s milk with some tea liquid.

There’s still tea!

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I know, there is good tea around, but not in one of the zillion ‘tea shop’ chains!

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