:facebook: Starting July, Passengers with Drunk Drivers will also be fined

Is this right? Passengers? Maybe first country or first of few in the world to fine passengers riding with a drunk driver.

Taiwan Traffic Law: Starting July 1, Drunk drivers, cyclists including passengers will be heavily fine


It’s interesting…at first thought I found it ridiculous, but now I’m thinking it’s an interesting idea, although meaningless with such a low fine.

It’s not. They copied it from Japan.


Sweet… I can’t legally find a ride home since I’m drunk, so I might as well just drive myself home.

Something tells me this wasn’t thought through well.

I took it to mean you would be fined if riding with someone drunk.

Yes. You are right of course. I was just being facetious.

Yeah, 600-3000 NT. Not particularly stiff.

My immediate thought is the fine is so small because it’s impossible to prove. The “I didn’t know he was drunk” argument is quite a strong one if anyone wanted to fight the case against them in court.

Nothing personal, but your source leaves something to be desired in the credibility department.

What is wrong with the source?

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That’s why I tossed it up for discussion questioning if is this right. Don’t have much experience with this source but maybe they scooped the regulars.

Ah, appalling quality of English? As in grammar-optional.

Good. Any deterrent for drunk drivers here is a good thing.

Easy there, Godfather, don’t get riled.
I misspoke, I meant to say that one would expect any legislation this drastic to be reported in at least some of the mainstream Taiwan media, especially if it kicks in in a few days.
I never intended to besmirch upon the journalistic integrity of your fine, talented countrymen.

Anyways, given the local media’s persistent inability to distinguish between “New bylaws have been adopted” and “Some rando betel nut-addicted ward boss from Dou Gan County (or Taipei Mayor Clown Shoes, for that matter) put forth the following zany-ass proposal”, even if it did simultaneously appear on the front page of every Taiwan newspaper, one would still have room for doubt.

At least we know how to wake you up, which is good. :+1:

For cheap Taiwanese, it’s “stiff” enough. But not ruinous. I think it strikes a fair penalty for passengers. It’s not too punitive, but enough to encourage them not to get in the car with someone who’s drunk at the end of the night.

I agree, but my key point was about the enforceability of this law. The fines are low enough that nobody would bother to fight their case if, say, they got busted in a taxi with a drunk driver.

It was reported in the “mainstream” Taiwanese media actually. I mean, it’s still a rag… but I recall seeing either a Focus Taiwan article or Taiwan News article about it show up on my FB a couple days ago. I’m too lazy to look for it though.

Hmmm, interesting… would it apply to getting in a taxi with a drunk driver? That’s obviously more out of the passenger’s control than getting into a normal car with a friend who’s driving drunk. I’m sure it’s happened, but I’d think it’s really rare that your taxi driver would be boozing between pick-ups…

I don’t think the scare quotes are necessary, nobody equates mainstream with good or responsible, pretty sure it just speaks to distribution.


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True. I just can’t pass on even the most minor excuse to take a dig at those news sites though.