Steak in Taiwan. The good, the bad, the ugly.


The ‘fancy’ restaurant has overhead like rent, labor, etc. to pay. The night market stand probably only some money to the yacuza from the local triad that operates the market.

I like a night market steak as much as anybody else, but there’s absolutely no way one of those things can hold up to a perfectly cooked/seasoned medium-rare t-bone from a restaurant (or, yes, made at home).

Night market steaks are good for what they cost but the fact that the steak’s taste is masked by all that sauce should set off alarm bells.

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Kind of the opposite. they’re drenched in sauce because they have no taste without, as happens with crappy quality steaks.

Oh, that was my point. They’re fine for what they are but they’re definitely not good quality meat.

I love those cheap Kebob meat and veggies on the stick BBQ. I often walk out a club and take a snack break and go back. I will admit, I’d much rather eat that than many steak houses here. But there are good steaks here if you look for it.

Like, there is this burger place in Ximenting, close to Lux Theatre. 快樂美式餐廳 Choire Cafe. The other day I saw they serve steak and being a daring kind, I tried it. Man, it was so good. Maybe the meat was not the highest quality but it had been done well, bringing out great flavor. I think it was not even 400 ntd for a nice size plate with accroutements plus 2 sides of your choice.

(disclaimer: I grew up in serious cow country proper steak is like religion where I’m from)

Even so, them domestic Steak House places won’t friggin kill you, if you’re in the mood for a cheap neighborhood fork & knife lunch. They aren’t expensive, and there’s alls-you-can-eat ice cream, FFS.
In the days when we were still eating cow, I’d get it with no sauce and then salt the fuck right out of it, it was doable.

I don’t mind it either with small Taiwanese steak houses. I eat it for what it is. I just don’t like for example like Texas road house trying to sell it like it’s Texas steak. I can eat those Taiwanese style steaks with the noodles and eggs. Because in my mind that’s what it is. Just not a steak house that try’s to make it like it’s good if you know what I mean.


Went to the place @Andrew0409 recommended, very decent but not sure if it takes the best stake in Taipei crown for me. T-bone was 400NT/100g, this sucker was a bit over 800g.

I’ll have a more informed opinion on where this sits after a few more weeks when I go through my steak list :)z


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Did you try anything else there? I’d love to see where else you recommend, always happy to try new places. Will Lawry’s be on your list to compare?

But so far, it’s my favorite as the way they prepare and cook it and technically it’s a second course for your meal so it’s not a steakhouse in case anyone is wondering. It’s just so satisfying after I enjoy some pasta right before.

The best pure steakhouse for me is A cut steak house…however the price is not cheap. I think the cheapest steak there was 5k unless you get like a tiny 150g steak . Huge selection of steaks. I think with 3 people, our bill was over 30k so you can see why I prefer the Florentine steak mentioned at Taverna de medici. It’s really tasty, well cooked and just very satisfying. Also everything else on the menu is excellent so you’re not just stuck with a steak.

2nd pure steakhouse is Lawrys for me, it’s also very good with a nice list. The price is not ridiculous like A cut, but still also pricey. Not much other option other than steak though.

Unfortunately no didn’t get to try anything else. I’m not a huge eater so I am limited in my ability to go through the menu without a bigger entourage! We actually struggled to get through the 800g steak quantity wise and that was literally the only food we ordered, but you are right it was prepared beautifully.

On my list:

  • Lawry’s
  • N168
  • A-Cut
  • Ruth’s Chris
  • Morton’s
  • Wang’s
  • Di Vino (been before but didn’t have the steak, great little place and saw another table have a piece of great-looking t-bone)





Haven’t had these, so no comment. Haha

Have you tried Jimmy’s Kitchen over at Ren Ai circle yet? I put it third on my list behind A-cut and Ruth Chris. I like the salad and dessert bar. Service is awesome too.

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looks great.

I went to Meetup cafe at Da An station. I ordered the 6 ounce ribeye and it was definitely not anything related to a ribeye. Off my list.

I’m going back to cooking my own or splurge for a real steak at Le Blanc.

Let me know if you guys find the 10k steak place. If you see Takeshi say hi for me.

I tried Gordon Biersch recently on a friend’s recommendation and honestly, I was very dissapointed. I think you have to be on your second or third beer to like it. If in Taiwan you spoil the fried stiff, sorry sir, you have a big problem. Steak a big fail. Nope nope.

Sorry to revive this old thread, but does anybody have any recommendations for a restaurant that does a good steak? Big anniversary coming up. We’ve done Le Blanc to death. It’s time for a new place, and I think ideally, a restaurant that is well known for their steak.

In Taipei, I tried Japoli a few times. Heck if I’m in the mood for good steak but reasonably priced, I order take outs from them via UberEats.

For a poshier option, I’d go with A CUT Steakhouse:

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Well, besides the usual Ruths, Morton and Smith&wollensky, divino in daan does a very nice steak (italian style). Very fancy u can go to danny’s steakhouse (1 michelin star), they set menu is tbh a good deal especially with the wine pairing (900$ for 3 glasses, a steal tbh).


Thanks guys. Those give me some good ideas to consider. You guys will hate me, but my wife and I both like our steaks well done (we don’t like seeing too much redness in the meat), and so going too upscale is probably a waste for us. Anyway, I’ll check out the restaurants you mentioned and will share thoughts about where we went.