Steel cut oats in Taipei or Taichung

I get them sent from abroad, but shipping is a But much. Thanks.

I believe City Super (at both Zhishan Station and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station) regularly stock them - usually a brand in a steel tin, beside the cereals. I’ve also bought Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats at Jason’s.

Finga’s in Taichung, but you’ll have to wait a few more days for them to open in their new location.

Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats are available locally. Check online.

Bump: has anyone seen steel-cut oats / Irish oatmeal in Taipei lately? I haven’t been able to find any in a while. And iHerb’s stocking is so unreliable at this point that I find it tough to even fill out an order there, with usually only a handful of the items I want available on any given day.

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You can buy oat groats at Carrefour. $140 for a 1.5 kilos. Just soak them overnight and you’re ready to go.

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Shopee has


Thanks, but not the same thing:

Steel-cut oats are sliced oat groats, which cook faster but still retain all of the nutrition of whole groats. They’re sometimes marketed as Irish oats.

i have still never seen them here. I was looking at bringing 20kg of steel-cuts back next month from Uk, but one extra check-in bag is $2,400 :frowning: . So scratch that.

They used to be around, but a few years back importing oats became more difficult - something about very, very high thresholds for pesticide amounts, thresholds that are chemically well-nigh impossible to attain. (Am I too cynical to think that someone who sells oats found a way to eliminate the competition?)

Below are a few links. Key quote I suppose - note how strict Taiwan is!:

Taiwan does not permit residues levels of glyphosate to exceed 0.1 ppm … the maximum level of glyhosate residues currently allowed in foods is 30 ppm in the U.S., 20 ppm in Japan and the European Union, 15 ppm in Canada and 0.1 ppm in Australia.

This might do the trick

For higher quality German made

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Jason’s on Anhe in the Bob’s Red Mill section

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