Stefan Molyneux

Before I hit the mute button, a couple things actually.

The first is I do need to apologize for an inappropriate comment I made in a previous thread. I lost patience with hour 374 of being badgered for the exact wording of definitions copied and pasted off the net presented as ideas, but that was not a justification for the inappropriate remark I made regarding a certain act on oneself which was uncalled for. I shouldn’t have said that.

The second is–apologies for being somewhat off topic–you asked me a series of questions regarding Stephan Molyneaux that I was unable to respond to. Molyneaux’s work has been an influence in the uptick of hate crimes worldwide and in paticular the mass murderer in the NZ killing of Muslims cited his influence. So there’s a clear connection to the topic of this thread here.

I asked you if you found any quotes from Molyneaux or comments on his videos disturbing. You claimed you had no problem with them. I did this because I wanted to give you a chance to distance yourself from these ideas as a courtesy. You declined.

Here is a list of comments from Molyneaux himself and his supporters I personally find disturbing… unless you’ve since changed your tune, you have no problem being linked to/associated with them. At the very least, they clearly didn’t bother you.

Molyneaux himself:

“I don’t view humanity as a single species…”
—Podcast FDR2768, Collective Guilt for Fun and Profit”, Saturday call-in show, August 9, 2014

“The whole breeding arena of the species needs to be cleaned the fuck up!”
—Podcast FDR2740, Conformity and the Cult of ‘Friendship’,” Wednesday call-in show July 2, 2014

“Screaming ‘racism’ at people because blacks are collectively less intelligent…is insane.”
—YouTube video, The Death of Europe | European Migrant Crisis, October 4, 2015

“…the Germans were in danger of being taken over by what they perceived as Jewish-led Communism. And Jewish-led Communism had wiped out tens of millions of white Christians in Russia and they were afraid of the same thing. And there was this wild overreaction and all this kind of stuff.”
—Stefan Molyneux describes the Holocaust in YouTube video, Migratory Patterns of Predatory Immigrants, March 20, 2016

“One of the biggest questions in America is ethnic crime rates…and y’know the [Asians] are the model minority…[while] the American blacks and blacks around the world have truly shockingly high levels of criminality and the general explanation is y’know slavery plus racism plus poverty, whatever it is which creates this unholy brew…but as far as I understand it there are significant contributions that your field can make to help people untangle [why] there are such differences in ethnic positive and negative behaviours in society…American blacks have roughly a standard IQ below whites… ”
—YouTube video, Genetics and Crime: Interview with Kevin M. Beaver, May 28, 2016

“If we could just get people to be nice to their babies for five years straight, that would be it for war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases. Almost all would be completely eliminated, because they all arise from dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women.”
—Speech at International Conference on Men’s Issues, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, June 26 - 28, 2014
October 5, 2015 : Interview with Jason Richwine, the author of a 2009 Harvard dissertation who claimed that “the average IQ of immigrants in the United States is substantially lower than that of the white native population, and the difference is likely to persist over several generations.”

April 17, 2016 : Interviewed Helmut Nyborg, a Danish eugenicist and former dean of the Psychology Institute at Aarhus University, who publicly argued that the poor are genetically inferior and should be paid to cease reproducing. In 2012 he edited a special journal in celebration of Richard Lynn’s 80th birthday. Molyneux’s interview with Nyborg was promoted on the neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer , and the white nationalist Radio Free South Africa. U

Men’s rights[edit]

“”I think the spotlight of " Outgrow your bestial nature." has been pointed just a little bit too long at men and I think it’s time to swivel that motherfucker around and point it at woman and say stop making yourself look like fucking sex clowns to milk money out of men’s dicks."
—Stefan Molyneux, MGTOW paladin[15]

“The evil that women are capable of and the evil that women do — not all women — but the evil that women do is generally invisible to society which is why there’s so much violence in society.[17]

Was there such a thing as the friend zone before the existence of the welfare state?[23]

Stefan thought that organ transplants between races are not possible [74]. When called out on this, he backs down by claiming that he meant the genetic match chance was lower [75].

Physicists kind of piss me off, 'cause they’ve always got their fucking pale hands in my goddamn wallet, and stealing from my child’s future, indebting her. […] You know, go be a fucking engineer, you lazy, pasty bastards. Go do something useful that people wanna buy.
—A rant[72] which sounds suspiciously like it was copied from Alex Jones (particularity the part about the world-destroying fascist nerds).

“”In other words, a popular Auschwitz guard with a long marriage is the very definition of mental health. Moral considerations do not form the basis of mental heath – a compliant Nazi is considered more ‘healthy’ than an outcast one. This form of ‘social ethics’ is largely due to the Jewish influence over psychology.

Disturbing Comments from the one Youtube podcast we were talking about:

“Import millions from low IQ countries and National IQ begins to fall. WOW SHOCKER!!”

“Give Women Power, Watch Civilization Crumble”

"In other words, their plan is going exactly as planned. "

"Import people from lower IQ regions of the world
Average IQ drops
Niccolas Cage face: You don’t say!“Create a world of low IQ people with low expectations to be your modern day slave.”

(((they))) are taking everything from us…our very genes are at risk.
*my editorial note: (((they))) and terms in 3 parentheses on either side refers to the Jews.

“Jeez, I wonder why.
Probably because feminism has caused for intelligent men to run away and only fools reproduce?
Nah, that can’t be it.”


“rEaL EuGeNiCs HaS nEVeR bEeN tRIeD”

“Feminism is also a driver in terms of dysgenic fertility.”

“(((Witz))) of course he hates the new hordes of muslims he will promote and be against it at the same time, that’s what joos have historically done”

“The generally higher IQ people will continue to wake up and probably form their own country and give an IQ and creativity test to anybody who wants to come in. It will be a white wakanda which is what the United States was supposed to be from the start LOL”

“This is way it’s so important to preserve the bio culture of western civilisation.”

These are the comments you perused and didn’t bother you. Among hundreds of others. I’m done having any dialogues with you, but I’d ask you: A. Did you not bother to research what this person said before saying you’re ok with his ideas, or B. do they still not bother you?

If A, it kind of shows the importance of doing your research first. If B, it’s time for you to consider what sort of person you wish to be in life. The fact that the idea of ‘importing’ humans as if they are objects doesn’t in itself disturb you says quite a bit.

I’m assuming you’re a good person and just didn’t do your homework. Youtube is always there for you.

All the best, any future comments from you will be ignored.

Congratulations for completely misrepresenting what happened in that thread. I don’t watch Molyneaux. I stated that clearly. I also stated that the reason I don’t watch him is primarily due to his views on immigration, which I don’t agree with.

You posted a link to one of his videos (a video that in my opinion had absolutely nothing objectionable in it) and later said that the comment section proved that his watchers are a bunch of racists.

I looked through several pages of the comments and saw zero such comments so I asked you a simple question: what comments are you talking about? You said you would respond later. You didn’t. I asked again. You responded with an uncalled-for insult.

That’s what happened. Anyone can go look at the AOC thread and confirm it.

So… once again you have managed to lie about me. You have attempted in this thread to claim that I refused to distance myself from Molyneaux even though I never associated myself with him in any way.

Several weeks later and you just can’t stop lying.

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Here is what you said

“I was just scanning through and wasn’t seeing anything too objectionable. I saw some things I don’t agree with, but nothing that was blatantly alt-right or racist.”

“I don’t even know what comments you’re talking about. I’ve got it sorted by “Top Comments” (default) and scrolled down the first few pages and saw nothing objectionable.”

“But seriously, why can’t you just copy and paste the comments on that video that made you say what you did? You made it sound like the comment section is rampant with racist remarks…”

“I mentioned earlier that I had unsubscribed to Molyneux. Well, I just realized that I actually am still subscribed to his channel”

“I don’t need to Google in order to form an opinion. Molyneux used to be a very sound anarcho-capitalist. I imagine he still describes himself that way, but ever since the Trump phenomenon, it seems like he panders more to the conservative right. That’s my main issue with him.”

So let’s review:

You are subscribed to his channel, so it is hard to think you are not familiar with the tone and content of his work.
You described him as a ‘sound anarcho capitalist’.
You saw ‘nothing blatantly alt-right or racist’ about the content of his videos.
Your main issue with him is he panders to the conservative right, but found nothing hateful or offensive, at least in the ‘top comments’ that your perused.

The reason I didn’t get to your questions was that I was temporarily banned, a ban that was lifted quickly. I am getting to them now.

All the best.

I wonder where you mind will wander off to next …here’s a thought …


let’s see if this gets flagged for being off topic… :wink:

i think its funny so i hope not but … In any case it deserves to be checked as a solution, certainly.

I will just correct the spelling …hope that is ok ?

Yes, spelling change certainly OK.

Molyneux has been around for decades . His Universally preferable Behaviour was studied but I found it to be like anarchy itself as a political system …not workable …with huge issues that remain ideological . A bit like Socialism in a way . He has said some interesting things over the years , but as with all of the “Modern philosophers” a lot of dubious stuff that makes no sense .

If only it was as easy to change your mind :wink:
Molyneux quote ." Those who make conversations impossible, make escalation inevitable.” is fair

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At least he describes himself well :wink:

I have no problem with self-described anarchists…they just seem pretty goofy when they turn around and use their jian bao cards, drive on roads the state pays for for them, and selectively appeal to certainly non anarchist systems of government like the 2nd Amendment or US anti-terrorist acts like the Patriot act while they dont know what the other ones say. Kind of hard to be an anarchist and link yourself to drones overseas, etc.

It’s like any novel …you don’t have to agree with the bad parts , to find some good parts . I agree that a lot is wrong with his view …at least for me , but he has a few wise observations which would ally themselves more to a strong Libertarian outlook …phrases like
" I’d like to live in a world where immigration is just called moving " , may resonate with you ?

As far as Steph himself, his ideas are too incoherent to piece together into any kind of system you could agree or disagree with. Sure, stopped watch twice a day he may say something reasonable.

If we’re being realistic his attitude towards immigrants (well, non white or East Asian ones) is not very positive. He describes them as having lower IQs, talks about ‘importing them’ as if they are objects to use for labor at the disposal of the ‘high IQ’ people (surprise, he includes himself in that group lol), and blames them for the overall decline of Western Civilization.

Not to mention he routinely makes up statistics in his videos. Steph is not arguing in good faith, and the hateful nature of his ideas plays out in the behavior of the supporters he influences. Not a guy you want to be linked to ideologically certainly.

Was that view supported by evidence ? I don’t know …perhaps IQ is one of the factors that determines how well we do …but I don’t think it is the only factor . As I said I disagree with most …but you can’t make an assumption without knowing more of his ideology as that would be like presuming AOC is an imbecile …just by taking a few idiotic things she has done , out of context …wait :wink:

There is a lot of evidence. He devotes entire podcasts to it. It’s a central theme of his Youtube broadcasts. Thousands of comments refer to this.

I’m only here for the briefest of time …sadly …well he has entertained sometimes ( away from the philosophy) so I just disagree with what I find wrong and smile at the odd meme.

Evidence on IQ?

He got the fact that Donald Trump is the US president in a tweet correct. Well done.

As usual , I think you may have missed the point in that exchange
Here is another quote from him , staying on topic.

here are his own vlogs:

I found this by Googling “Stephan Molyneux and IQ”. There’s hundreds of other links but I’m assuming you don’t need me to copy and paste them for you. Some are his own ‘work’, some are critiques. Have fun.

He certainly describes himself well :slight_smile: