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Can we make rational safety choices wrt air travel?
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Checking Flight Reservation When Airline Website Down or Slow
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Direct Flights out of Taiwan
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Fly to Taiwan without return ticket?
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Taipei to LA flight prices
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Flying to USA in August, any ideas?? Help!!
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Turkish to start a daily Taipei - Istanbul in March
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Safety of flights to Europe?
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Flight to England
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Cheap tickets to Europe this summer ?
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Taipei to Europe
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Ishigaki Island (250km east of Taiwan) - direct flights 2015
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Ishigaki Island (250km east of Taiwan) - direct flights 2014
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Ishigaki Island (250km east of TW) - direct flights 2013
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Cheap flights to Clark Airport in the Philippines Q&A
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Taipei to Boracay Airlines and Routes?
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Any Non-stop Flights Taipei to Boracay?
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Can’t fly to the Philippines
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Long Wait Through Security in Philippines Airports?
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18 hours to fly to Thailand for cheap?
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Shanghai Cheapest flights
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Flying from China to Taiwan
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Hong Kong
Cheapest Airlines to Hong Kong
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How do you fly to Vientiane from Taipei ?
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Airport Tax Hong Kong
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24 hour layover at Incheon Airport - advice?
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40 Minutes, enough time to make connecting flight? [Taiwan
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Bus to Taoyuan Airport from Xindian
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CX transfer in HK - Liquids…? [Hong Kong]
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1.5-hour transit stop before TPE flight sufficient? (San Francisco)
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Stop over in Shanghai airport, How much cash should I take?
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How Late Can You Change Money at Taoyuan?
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Eva air to Philipnnes from JFK
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AirAsia X from TPE to Bali
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Open jaw on China Airlines website ?
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KLM Airlines reputation
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Tigerair Taiwan
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Asia Miles promo [Cathay]
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Far Eastern Air Transport
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Transaero Taipei - Moscow this summer
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anyone used Hawaiian Airlines from Taipei to NY/JFK? Why are fares so cheap?
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Hawaiian airlines to/from USA
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Emirates to fly to Taipei by next February !
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Delta airlines - unnecessary questions about travel itinerary.
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air china.
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Budget Peach Airlines to/from Osaka
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Airasia X transfer experience
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Scoot adds Taipei - Seoul . Possible cheap flights?
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I am trying to find out how much it costs to leave luggage at Taiwan Airport (the main international airport). Their website gives prices for bonded luggage but not the normal luggage storage. Does anyone know? If not, is there anywhere else sensible to store luggage (heavy without wheels) that I do not want to lug around for my 2 day visit?

I’m not sure this is the right place for this thread, but…

I don’t remember what the price is like (it varies by weight, number of pieces, and duration). You can contact Taiwan Pelican Express at 0800-043043. They’re near the check in counters in one terminal of Taoyuan Airport and near arrivals in the other terminal.

Emirates reported to start flying their latest A380 (the super cattle car with 2 class seating) to Taipei from May !
The ME3 is coming. Time for CAL and EVA to start being scared.

Their entrance into other Asian airports later caused route cancellations for national carriers.

My uncle is using plane a lot! These links could be useful, thanks! I will share them!