Store Bought Pre-made Bone Broth Taiwan

Any recommendations on good healthy brands, stores, etc. for pre-made bone broth?

Beef, chicken, etc.

And what is bone broth powder? Same healthwise?

don’t they use bones to make beef noodles?

bak kut teh, ramen. but I don’t think there are healthy, maybe in Taiwan yes because they don’t put salt almost, because everything is tai xian for them…

Blardy make it yourself!!! Buy pork bones, put in pressure cooker add water, carrot, celery, onion, come back later. You have time @tango42 I know you do.


I sometimes have time when binge watching to make myself but not really into it especially if I can buy. Store bought probably lasts longer so more convenient to have on shelf when away.

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Gotcha. I think any soup restaurant here worth its salt will boil bones to make the soup. I know the beef noodle place near me does, as I see him dump all the bones out front of the restaurant after he’s pulled them out of the broth, just before the rubbish truck comes. It’s a god awful sight, looks like a half rotten dog carcass in a milk crate. So if you ordered qingduan niu rou tang that would be the closest thing you could get to pure bone broth on the street. No crappy quality soy sauce, msg and douban jiang in there, just clear broth and some beef. One of my personal favourites… buy that and freeze it?

Good ideas… just ain’t into all dat.

Maybe Jason’s supermarket hehe

If you have space in your freezer, I really do recommend making your own. Store-bought is fine if you’re in a pinch, but god knows what stuff they put in it…

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Making a bigger batch and freezing is the best way. I get beef bones from the morning market really cheap and throw into a slow cooker for a day or a pressure cooker. Dogs love the raw bones but they are a mess. TV chefs roast bones for the marrow.

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I still haven’t found a store-bought beef broth but I heard the Filipino focused chain INDEX has it.

I don’t think anything from a can or bag is healthy.:woman_shrugging:t2:

Yeah I’ll be checking the nutritional value before buying anything in a can. But I’m not making my own.

My new adventure is to go try out some of the beef broth noodle shops.

It will most likely have MSG added.

Go to the frozen section of Carrefour. They have an entire aisle of frozen broth. Even comes with real meat and bones inside.

Found this pork bone broth. Salty but doesn’t seem excessive. Hopefully has typical vitamins and nutrients found in bone broth. Also saw chicken broth.

plz send pic! I wanna see the frozen broth so i can go and buy some

What’s wrong with MSG?


This is my favorite. It’s in Carrefour’s freezer section.

It has real meat with bones, but remember it’s just broth. You need to add some vegetables. And the meat is a bit scarce, so add some more lamb meat, too, while you’re at it.


I saw some last week in PX Mart. Sorry, it’s the one you have. Pork and chicken.
Well, beef broth is not allowed imported in Taiwan due to ‘mad’ cow.

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I’m going to make instant noodles with bone broth.

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