Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad


From one Overseas compatriot to another: put. down. the. kool. aid. Do not buy into we are victims/everyone is out to get us/we cannot trust anyone but Chinese. Self victimization cripples you and makes you a puppet. Either that or:


Have you seen any terrorists or persons considered to be terrorists there? If so, call police immediately.


That would be racist, tho.


As far as I know, they’re not locking up Chinese people in Guantanamo…


He’s talking about Europe, though:


Sweet! Maybe it’s time to start growing my beard out?


Sweden…is Sweden.


Last time I heard talking about it, after several months of political debate, they decided to scrap the idea and stick to free shekels for people who aren’t proven ex (or current) ISIS fighters, as long as they look sad during the interview.

I’m not sure if the beard is necessary, but it may score some extra points during the screening process.


Also get extra @Icon points. In which you can use to redeem a kitten after collecting 100,000.


People tell me I have a “swarthy Mediterranean” look, so the beard will just be the icing on the cake. How many shekels are we talking about?


I do a great Syrian Terrorist impression when I do that. All it gets me is suspicious looks from men with MP7s at the airport. Nobody has offered me money yet.


No wonder you spend your time in the backwaters of Asia. I got a lot of attention from the ladies when I grew a beard here…not practical in the heat though.


It’s not difficult to blend in with those guys as long as you wear their uniforms.

But even after that, I can predict that some Western morons will try to make jokes about the stereotypical East Asian eyes again because of the head dressing.
For god’s sake.
Most Han Chinese’s eyes look like Jet Li’s eyes. I always think Jet Li’s facial feature represents the typical Han Chinese’s face.

So, I don’t really know how the fuck those Western morons find those small slant eyes a typical characteristic of Chinese’s eyes.
It’s like I go take some photos of the 10% fattest Western people in the West, and then I start claiming this is the typical characteristic of Westerners’ body shape. They are all as fat as pigs. How about that?


You don’t see any difference between Jet Li’s eyes and Caucasian people?



Dude…cool the racism or get the fuck out of here, m’kay?


You misread my post.
Read it again, please.


Slanted eyes that are in someway shaped like almonds are a feature of the vast majority of Asian people. It doesn’t matter if the person is from Japan, Siberia, Beijing, Hong Kong or Malaysia, it’s a common trait. “Almond shaped eyes = Asian person” is a statement that is correct in such an overwhelming majority of the cases that it cannot even be considered a stereotype, it’s just a fact.

And then of course, with Chinese people being 6 gorillion more than any other single country…if you had to make a guess regarding the nationality/origin of a person based on almond shaped eyes…anyone would guess…


I agree with the almond shape part.

But the way they are described and portrayed in the Western stereotype is still way too far from being almond shaped, right?


In some countries “Asian eyes” are literally called “almond eyes”, so I don’t know what kind of stereotype you’re talking about…


You really don’t know? Some Westerners exaggerate the almond shaped eyes way too far to cross the red line of general tolerance. Anyway, those people are just dumb fucks.
As we all know, not every one is as culturally accepted and friendly as you folks here on Forumosa.

I agree with your description, and having almond shaped eyes is a perfectly natural thing.
This is a Dutch gentleman called Raymond van Barneveld, and obviously he has almond shaped eyes, too.
To me, it’s nothing special or strange. Humans are all kinds of different in some ways after all. I have a family member who looks just like him. A Han Chinese version of Raymond van Barneveld. LOL.