Student worth NT$500 million dies 2 hours after same-sex marriage

Legally new, sure, but “unusual”? Heterosexual couples might make up more of the population of Taiwan, but people in same-sex relationships are hardly rare. I also see way more people working in the service industry who aren’t hiding their identity, which I almost never see outside of “very gay areas” in the US.

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I don’t know. Perhaps I’m wrong. I’m assuming that the number of same-sex marriages is a tiny percentage of total marriages. A couple of percent at most.


The plot thickens. The mother is stateless, kicked out she would be if China cooperated due to the kid’s “grandma” filing a case against her.

So someone else will benefit from the money.



Speculation of cause, but would not be surprised if the ‘grandma’ had a hand in all the drama.


It was only recently decriminalized as well. You have been here a short time. It used to be common gay bars were raided. People could be jailed for passing on diseases.

I didn’t feel a thing. I didn’t even hear her go splat.

Think you might’ve missed his dig …:laughing:

This article adds that the owner’s son had s first wife, from Vietnam. They had a daughter. Technically speaking, she’s the only granddaughter.

Comments ask why media and lawyers focus on deceased kid’s mom legal status more than the circumstances of his demise.