Study MBA in Taiwan



Hi! I’m planning to study for a MBA degree in Taiwan this coming Fall 2018. I plan on applying for the MBA program in either NTU, NTHU, or NCCU. I plan on applying for the ICDF/MOE scholarship at the same time.

I hope you can help me figure out few things.

  • Having more than 2 yr experience, barely good enough undergraduate grades, do you think I have a great chance being admitted into the program? Would taking GMAT/TOEFL bolster my application?

  • Assuming I would be receiving a grant, do you think 15k-20k NTD monthly allowance would suffice? Assuming I will not be receiving a grant, Is it possible to work while in there?

  • Do you think it would help career if I study there?



It depents on where you live and what you eat. If you live in school dorm with 3000NTD/month, and eat at school cafeteria with 300 NTD/day, it will suffice.

In your case, it will be possible with approval by MOE.
See this thread.