Study: Ugly people tend to favor mask wearing

Someone actually made a study about this, haha!


Bank robbers too.

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Well, perhaps the researchers from Seoul National University were underfunded and didn’t cover bank robbers.

I love my mask.

There’s already a word for that.


I think the market is ready for a “new and improved” COVID mask consisting of a brown paper bag with eyeholes. I’ll make a fortune.


It’s a good way to hide crooked teeth.

gotta love grant money :upside_down_face:

Well, that explains why so many doctors and nurses still wear masks. I love deductive logic.

Science is the pursuit of funding.

Or when they accidentally do malpractice you couldn’t tell who that person is…

Doctors wear rubber gloves and gowns too. Why don’t you wear them?


I would say its the people with low self esteem that wear them rather than saying ugly. If you think you are ugly then its more of a self confidence issue. Not suprising though. Many people around me are like that.

Seems reductive.

It’s been popular throughout history.


The article agrees with you - the authors used “self-perceived facial attractiveness”.

They must have been asked to remove all the cases of “trollfaces” and “munters” during peer review.

Good response. :laughing:

I wanted to complain about that post too but couldn’t think of a good way to do it, then I remembered it’s a point we’ve addressed 200 times before without anything being absorbed by the asker, so I didn’t bother. :man_shrugging:


Because I don’t have ugly hands and an ugly body.

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From the many interviews I see on YouTube, celebrities all enjoyed COVID mask wearing measures, and most of them are the least ugly people around.

How do u know. Maybe they consider themselves as ugly ones. I have met people who I see as super hot but all they tell me how they are ugly compared to “other people they know”.